France should know Africa can no longer be taken for a ride

Editor, RE: “Obama’s lessons for Hollande on Rwanda” (The New Times, March 28).


RE:Obama’s lessons for Hollande on Rwanda” (The New Times, March 28).


France’s interests are in black and white: economic colonisation—period!


The problem is our brothers and sisters in West Africa who through the French approach of assimilation think that they are more French than Africans.


It is estimated that 40% of France’s GDP is derived from African economies and colonies. Do you expect France to let go? Certainly not. A country smaller than most states in US has to punch above its belly using African colonies.

As for us in Rwanda, our problem with France, apart from their complicity in the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi, is that they can’t simply wish off under the guise of mighty; our independence from them is a bad precedent that they must stop.

President Kagame has given us the leadership to be ourselves. This is irreversible. And like President Obama realized for US (though late as it is), President Hollande and French system should realize that their system of assimilation is unsustainable.

Time and history is on their side. Cuba is a lesson. Being small is not synonymous with being weak. And for a people, their destiny is stronger than the mighty of bullies.

Emmy Kayitare


Thank you for this article, though some of your language was a bit strong. I will say that I love my President Obama and support him fully. He is a man, father, husband and leader with integrity, vision, and patience. He makes every attempt to bring peace and to promote restorative justice.

As in most geopolitical situations, the America-Cuba thing was not created by the people of America. Misguided leaders on both ends, with many agendas created the drift. I will repeat, I love President Obama and would elect him again and again and again if I had it my way. Unfortunately, we do not have referendums for re-election.

I respect those who support peace and justice, but can also protect and maintain ones country. This is leadership and strength.

Lorraine N.

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