Special needs for cancer patients

Ever since I took the decision to pursue specialised studies in cancer diseases, I have interacted with various professors and doctors in cancer management field from different educational backgrounds.

Ever since I took the decision to pursue specialised studies in cancer diseases, I have interacted with various professors and doctors in cancer management field from different educational backgrounds. 

But whether someone has chosen to study from developing or developed world, the most important aspect is to acquire and exhibit the knowledge or practice that will make a positive impact on the life of a cancer patient.


Many authors for medical textbooks available on the market were composed very many years ago or decades ago, and to a certain extent do not match the current revolutionaries in medicine.


It does not matter whether you have read an expensive book or you have studied many years for your course but to have the knowledge that can improve the life of a patient in a difficult situation.


I have been fortunate that majority of cancer experts I have met have been inspiring with good informative lectures whereas very few have discouraged. Discouragements are also lessons and form good basis for stamina.

Every interaction has been educative and valuable as regards expansion of my cancer knowledge.

I think people will agree with me that at a certain stage of learning you do not need to wait for the teacher to write notes on the blackboard. The modern explorative method of learning helps to grasp special information for every practice.

Cancer studies are very wide and elaborative. This has given rise to the priorities in sub-specialties with in the cancer field.

Sub-specialty in cancer means cancer practice centered on one organ or part of the body. This helps to develop an elaborative sense on every cancer disease because every part of the body is affected differently.

When one is diagnosed of cancer does not mean he or she contracted the disease a few days but in most cases its many months ago or many years back.

Cancer is a chronic disease that usually takes long time to manifest. Once cancer cells have started to grow or invade your body, they take time to establish themselves in your body.

Cancer cell has to overcome the immune system before its establishment in your body. Tissue breakdown due to cancer is a gradual and progressive process.

With this kind of knowledge in your mind, you have to bear in mind that you do not expect a cancer expert to immediately use chemicals to clear your body off the cancer. It has to be gradual and progressive procedure.

My main focus today is to highlight and elaborate special needs for cancer patients. In cancer management, we intend to focus on three major aspects that include treatment modalities, psychology of the patient and feeding.

In my previous articles, i have usually focused on the feeding lifestyle because this offers a certain degree of prevention or inhibition of cancer cells in the body. But once someone is already a victim, then treatment and psychology comes first.

Keeping the patient psychology on a positive note as regards his or her disease is very important before any type of treatment. It is therefore very important to have clinical psychology department well connected to the oncology department.

Treatment plan or choice of treatment modality is usually very important to every cancer victim. Many cancer patients come to us with confirmed pathological evaluation or biopsy reports.

In our routine cancer management; we usually register the patient, take medical history from the patient, evaluate the patient and stage the disease. The type ofthe disease and the stage usually guide us on the treatment modality.

The choice of treatment takenwill always determine the overall survival of the patient. Control of disease progression and control of recurrence will usually determine the rate of the patient survival.

Disease complications and side effects from the chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment is one of routine oncology management work either in day care clinics or hospitalization. But this depends on the severity of the complication.

Lastly but not least, feeding is very crucial and critical in cancer patients. In one of my previous articles I highlighted the dangers of sugar intake for cancer patients.

Cancer cells do possess high affinity for sugar because they need a lot of energy to destroy your body. Sugar is therefore not ideal for every cancer victim.

One of the fruits of choice for cancer patients is the pomegranate fruit. This fruit is highly nutritious with adequate iron and do possess good anti-oxidant molecules.

The pomegranate is said to boast the body with adequate oxygen or oxygen body circulation. Adequate Oxygen is one of the key requirements for every cancer patient.

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