Revelations of the real evil intentions of the self-professed humanitarian, Paul Rusesabagina

In a court appearance of the would-be presidential candidate, Ms Victoire Ingabire, the prosecutor’s witnesses revealed much more than had been expected by the less suspecting.
Demonstrators  at one of the conferences organised by Rusesabagina. (File photo)
Demonstrators at one of the conferences organised by Rusesabagina. (File photo)

In a court appearance of the would-be presidential candidate, Ms Victoire Ingabire, the prosecutor’s witnesses revealed much more than had been expected by the less suspecting.

Indeed, while talking about their relationships with the FDU-Inkingi president, Lt. Col Tharcisse Nditurende and Lt. Col Noel Habiyambere, who used to hold senior positions in the FDLR (Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda) command, bluntly revealed having worked with Ingabire and Paul Rusesabagina to form rebel groups to launch offensives in the country.

Lt. Col Noel Habiyambere, who testified to have worked with Paul Rusesabagina following his desertion of FDLR, revealed that he is the one who informed the latter of Ingabire and Nditurende’s plans for establishing a military faction to be named FDU-Inkingi/CDF.

Lt Col Noel Habiyambere further revealed that following this revelation, Rusesabagina recommended that the two former FDLR officers join hands to form a much bigger group.

Nditurende and Habiyambere confessed to the court that prior to their arrest, they were mobilizing FDLR fighters to quit and join Ingabire’s FDU-Inkingi/CDF and Rusesabagina’s PDR-Ihumure.

According to evidence proffered by the prosecution witnesses, Ingabire and Rusesabagina continued to send money to their vanguard commanders through Western Union to help them in their groundwork activities and also to sustain them in the jungles of North Kivu as well as help them to acquire guns and ammunition for the would-be military wing of the so-called opposition groups.

Although these revelations could appear shocking to some, especially as far as the self-paraded humanitarian Rusesabagina is concerned, those who have in the past read this column will, I believe see it as further evidence on the true character and intentions of Rusesabagina.

As a matter of fact, two years back, we in this column exposed to our readers how Rusesabagina was defrauding western audiences of their hard-earned money for supposedly humanitarian activities which he pretended to be carrying out while he was in reality channeling it to terrorists.

Indeed the latest confessions are evidence of this man who has on record earned a fortune out of a concocted role during the genocide as depicted in the Hotel Rwanda movie.

We described how Rusesabagina and his PDR-Ihumure, after spending time parading as humanitarian and failing to entrench his negationist and revisionist approach on Rwanda’s recent history, he could no longer hide his true identity and ideology that is deeply rooted in the infamous Parmehutu which led to the genocide.

Indeed, after amassing hefty sums of money from the movie “Hotel Rwanda”, Rusesabagina swiftly changed his carrier and became a politician, hoping to topple the current regime in Rwanda.

He invested in the PDR-Ihumure party, composed of ideologues of Hutu extremists and genocide suspects and has been trotting the world, spreading negative propaganda against the Rwandan Government while subtly portraying himself as the only effective alternative.

We have exposed how he has been ever since closely working with sworn enemies of Rwanda like Charles Onana, Pierre Péan and the Philpots who are all notoriously known for their negationism and closeness with genocide suspects.

These individuals and PDR-Ihumure have like other Rwandan subversive groups in western capitals, been involved in machinations to deny prior preparation of the genocide, and depict genocide as a mere product of a popular furor caused by the death of President Habyarimana.

That is why the fabricated “hero”, after aligning with the said Péan, Mushayidi and other insignificant disgruntled individuals to demonize the current Rwandan regime, they proceeded to create a sort of platform consisting of Ingabire’s FDU-Inkingi, Rusesabagina’s PDR-Ihumure and Mushayidi’s Partenariat-Intwari in a move aimed at ensuring better coordination to achieve their evil intentions.

And as if aimed at showing where their sympathy lies, the platform members indeed quickly aligned themselves along the FDLR terrorist group’s stand espousing its denouncing of the internationally supported November 09, 2007 Nairobi agreement between the Governments of Rwanda and DRC to use every means to stop the mayhem caused by this genocidaire organization.

They shamelessly stated in their communiqué that “…the presence of Rwandan armed groups in the East of the RDC is a consequence and not the reason of the instability and the insecurity in the region..!” And despite the well documented FDLR atrocities committed against the Congolese population, Rusesabagina still sheds crocodile tears for the same population but avoids mentioning the FDLR as the real perpetrators.

Thus, in feigned compassion for the said population, he once again advocated, in a debate two weeks ago on BBC Imvo n’Imvano program, for an uncalled for dialogue between the Rwandan government and the group of murderers which he continues to consider legitimate.

We are yet to uncover the reasons behind the timely coincidence of the presence of both Ms Victoire Ingabire and Deo Mushayidi in the region around the same time. It is also, no wonder that Rusesabagina cunningly stayed away as to see what his accomplices would achieve on the terrain while most certainly double-crossing them and as always, opportunistically hoping for the best that would come his way in line with his evil ambition.

Indeed, as their unfortunate plans are being exposed, Rusesabagina has re-energized what he excels in, blackmail. He has of recent aggressively resumed his quest for audiences for luring into giving him more money to refurbish his coffers as it seems his previous investment went to waste following the arrest of his accomplices that are now in the hands of the Rwandan justice.

Having nothing to offer, Paul Rusesabagina has once again taken up the role of spokesperson for the negationists and revisionists of the 1994 genocide. He has maintained a hateful propaganda full of falsehoods and misinformation directed against the government of Rwanda, by raising all sorts of allegations and fabrications aimed at undermining the RPF party and its leadership.

In a lecture he held at Uppsala University in Sweden on April 27, 2010, he shamelessly sustained among other incongruities that “…the genocide was a spontaneous and not planned event and that Theoneste Bagosora was wrongfully convicted…the Gacaca convicts are taken into DRC to work in mineral deposits…the government used helicopters to bombard refugees in Kibeho, etc, etc.

We can only encourage the general public to challenge this dubious individual and deny him open-ended platforms for defrauding the western unsuspecting audiences while also dispelling his falsehoods against Rwanda.

Indeed it is high time members of the International Community disassociated themselves from sworn liars like Rusesabagina and for Rwandan Diaspora members to give their own contribution in exposing these shameless evil ridden individuals that would only want Rwanda back in the apocalypse of 1994.

We are however now convinced that with more concerted efforts and a determination to deliver to the never again noble cause, the remaining unsuspecting audience will dump him particularly following the exposure of his dirty secrets by his accomplices who are now facing the courts of law.



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