Students tipped on security ahead of holiday break

Students have been urged to stay focused and desist from unlawful acts such as drug abuse during their holidays.

Students have been urged to stay focused and desist from unlawful acts such as drug abuse during their holidays.

The message was delivered by Ruhango District  Mayor Xavier Mbabazi, during a meeting with thousands of students from seven secondary schools in the district earlier this week.

School holidays begin next month.

The meeting was also attended by the District Police Commander (DPC) CIP Adrien Rutagengwa, as well as members of Rwanda Youth Volunteers in Crime Prevention Organisation in the district.

“During holidays, you should conduct yourselves in a respectful manner. As young people, you should abide by the law at all times and reject violence, or any illegal activity that may undermine the security and safety of your communities,” Mayor Mbabazi said.

“Some of you may be lured by your peers to abuse drugs and alcohol, but you should have the courage and confidence  to say no. Utilise your holidays in a way that is beneficial to your families, community and the country in general.”

CIP Rutagengwa echoed the mayor’s message by calling on the students to cooperate with law enforcers and local authorities to report any suspicious individuals in the community.

“Young people are targeted by criminals such as burglars, drug dealers and are a target of human traffickers. Such criminals can be overcome if the young people alert police about these individuals that approach them. Such cooperation enables police to carry out efficient investigations and protect the communities. This is a responsibility for young people,” CIP Rutagengwa said.

He further urged them to refrain from acts of alcoholism which are prohibited for those aged below 18 years.

The Headmaster of Ruhango Secondary School, Mansuel Kagabo, who also attended among other school headteachers, commended the students for concentrating on their studies, and urged them to listen to their elders’ advice in order to develop into responsible citizens.

Various students, who spoke, rallied their peers to be a voice and agents of community policing to ensure safety and peace in their respective communities.


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