Creation of Iterambere Fund is timely

Editor, “Iterambere Fund to be launched this year – RNIT” (The New Times, October 23).


Iterambere Fund to be launched this year – RNIT” (The New Times, October 23).

It is delightful to know that the Iterambere Fund, which aims to promote financial inclusion, targeting mainly people with little means, will be launched by the end of this year.

This Fund will definitely serve as a catalyst for capital markets leading to their fast and sustainable development.

Dieudonné Ngirimana, who is in charge of fund accounting and administration management at Rwanda National Investment Trust Limited (RNIT) remarked: “The longer the money remains in the fund, the more the interest the shareholders will get.”

This sounds very interesting and attractive.

This initiative will not only inculcate the habit of savings among small-scale investors but as the capital markets grow and develop, these small time investors will definitely see satisfactory returns on their investments.

The very fact that the Iterambere Fund is promoted by RNIT, an Asset Management Company under the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning, will ensure credibility and maintain a high level of trust among small time investors.

Clarence Fernandes


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