Public spaces: How best can we use them?

Editor, RE: “Where is Rwanda’s ‘akarubanda’ today?” (The New Times, October 9).


RE: “Where is Rwanda’s ‘akarubanda’ today?” (The New Times, October 9).

Kigali is a beautiful city with fresh air, and it has breath taking sights and sounds. Every time I come to Rwanda, there are attractions that captivate me—hills, the greenery, its people, decent garden workers along the roads, hospitality...

Look at the garden surrounding the Ministry of Defence (MoD), look at the garden at Kigali International Airport, views of Rwanda National Police headquarters, and the magnificent greenery of the road along Village Urugwiro. All this is very stunning and serene.

However a lot has to be done by planners of the city: it misses a lot that would have added value. For example, the city needs public gardens as many as possible with trees and shadows, flowers and fruits, areas where you can take a seat and read your novels, or papers, where lovers/couples can always meet and have a fresh air together.

Another area where the planners need to put efforts is a public place that attracts businesses.



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