We don't have to be politically correct all the time

I pity celebrities, politicians and public figures in general. Anything they say can and is usually used against them.

I pity celebrities, politicians and public figures in general. Anything they say can and is usually used against them.

I think we forget that they are entitled to their opinion just like we are. 

It’s basically what freedom of speech is all about yet many times when famous people says something, the media runs with it, often to that person’s detriment. I’m guilty too by the way, of criticizing people for saying or not saying certain things but I will go ahead and make my point. 

This week, Dr Ben Carson, an American author and politician well known in Christian circles came under fire for comments he made about Islam. For those who don’t know, Dr Carson is running for President and during an interview, he was asked what he thought about a Muslim being elected President. 

His reply was that he didn’t believe Islam was compatible with the US Constitution and American Culture. The media and several others were quick to criticize him but I think they are not being true to themselves. While the US Constitution expressly protects religious freedoms, Dr Carson’s remarks are shared by many Americans. 

The fact is that American culture is at odds with Islam. Gay Rights, Women’s Rights and lifestyle in general is just different from Islamic teachings. 

Many things prohibited by Islam are not condoned by other religions either but I think what makes most people nervous is the Shariah Law aspect of Islam. 

I know we shouldn’t be presumptive and assume that if a Muslim were elected US President, he or she would automatically institute Shariah Law, the same way Barack Obama didn’t put Black people in charge of everything when he assumed power. Still, people’s fears shouldn’t be dismissed. 

There’s no doubt that the vast majority of Muslims are good people who wouldn’t hurt a fly. The problem is those few extremists who are giving everybody a bad name. It also doesn’t help when you hear about people getting stoned for adultery or having their hands cut off for stealing something. 

Like I said, there are millions of peace-loving Muslims around the world and not to sound hypocritical as just last week, I called Europeans out for saying Muslims shouldn’t be allowed into Europe when most of those refugees and migrants are also fleeing violence, I believe Muslims should have realistic expectations. 

As long as Christians or members of other faiths can’t build places of worship, let alone assume leadership roles in countries like Saudi Arabia, Iraq or Iran, why should Muslims expect different? I remember a couple of years ago when a Muslim group attempted to build a mosque and community center near Ground Zero, the site of the World Trade Center that was attacked in 2001. 

Why would anyone even think that was a good idea? Could they not foresee the uproar it would draw? I have some advice for Muslims who were offended by Carson’s remarks. Do what Christians are taught. Turn the other cheek. The truth is that as long as terrorism thrives, people are going to remain fearful and skeptical even though it’s just orchestrated by a few radicals.


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