Weather warning: We must act now

Editor, RE: “Brace for heavy rains, meteorologists say” (The New Times, September 3).


RE:Brace for heavy rains, meteorologists say” (The New Times, September 3).

I am confident that all the concerned government and non-government agencies will do the needful to mitigate possible damages, especially by protecting the lives of citizens and their property.

Mitigation strategies should be put in place in advance now that we are aware of what is most likely to happen if we don’t act accordingly. I also feel that there should be awareness to keep all the concerned stakeholders and citizens informed and prepared and, where necessary, high risk zone dwellers evacuated beforehand.

Absolom Muramira


In the story, it was reported that officials called for another stakeholders’ meeting in the near future so that an all-inclusive response strategy can be designed, and yet it was stated that the highest impact is most likely to be first felt in mid October.

I’m confused about the purpose of this meeting; was it to call another meeting to agree on the response strategy? Isn’t this even late if El Niño has begun?

The strategy will require detailed planning, budgeting, awareness… El Niño is happening now. This has been a delayed response. And even with this late response, the agencies are dragging their feet.

In the words of President Paul Kagame, “Let’s stop talking and start doing”.

Kigali Girl


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