MoD target Caisse Sociale scalp

National Corporate league Today (Volleyball) Cassie Sociale vs MODSunday (Basketball)MOD vs Electrogaz

National Corporate league

Today (Volleyball)

Cassie Sociale vs MOD
Sunday (Basketball)
MOD vs Electrogaz

THE National Corporate league continues this afternoon when Cassie Sociale’s volleyball team takes on Ministry of Defense (MoD) at Amahoro indoor stadium.

On Sunday, basketball league leaders Electrogaz will clash with MoD at NPC Gymnasium. Electrogaz will march into the match buoyed by last week’s resounding win over Burundi’s Ministry of Interior.

Bank of Kigali (BK) will also want to maintain their status quo as football giants when they take on Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA) at Amahoro stadium.

Eleven teams are taking part in this year’s Corporate league edition and they include; Rwanda Commercial Bank (BCR), Access Bank, BK, MoD, Electrogaz, RAMA, RRA, Kigali Institute of Education (KIE), Intersec, Minispoc and Caisse Sociale.




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