Senators approve new term for Ombudsman

KIGALI - Senators have approved the extension of Ombudsman Tito Rutaremara’s tenure for other fours.
Ombudsman Tito Rutaremara
Ombudsman Tito Rutaremara

KIGALI - Senators have approved the extension of Ombudsman Tito Rutaremara’s tenure for other fours.

Rutaremara has held the office of the Ombudsman since 2003.

The law establishing the Office of the Ombudsman stipulates that the Ombudsman shall be elected for a four-year term and maybe re-elected for only one additional term.

Earlier, a Cabinet meeting had re-appointed Rutaremara as the Ombudsman and his appointment was awaiting the approval of the Senate.

On Friday, the vice president of the Senatorial standing committee on Politics and Good Governance, Augustine Iyamuremye, said that his committee carried out a thorough study of Ruteremara’s candidature.

He added that there was no reason to object him as the next ombudsman.

“The committee visited Rutaremara who satisfactorily explained to the commission all the information and requirement for one to be as a leader,” Iyamuremye said.

He said that Rutaremara was found to be a man of integrity who suitably qualifies to maintain the position of the chief ombudsman.

The President of the Senate, Dr Vincent Biruta, said that there is no objection to Rutaremara as the Ombudsman for the next four years since he has helped in fighting against corruption and human rights violations with impartiality.

The Office of the Ombudsman acts as a link between the citizen, public and private institutions in preventing and fighting injustice, corruption and other related offences.

The office also contributes to strengthening good governance in different institutions by drawing their attention to their functioning and interaction, sensitising the population as to working together with public and private institutions to build the country.


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