There is no better alternative to your motherland

Editor, Reference is made to the letter, “‘Guhaha’ is based on the principle of barter trade” (The New Times, May 28).


Reference is made to the letter, “‘Guhaha’ is based on the principle of barter trade” (The New Times, May 28).

We should let Diaspora Rwandans go. A divided mind cannot prosper. I chose to migrate and that is it. The past is gone; my former homeland is just that, former. I focus on the present. If per chance I relate to my place of birth, it is not sentimental at all. It is economic. I could invest there but again purely on the basis of rate of return.

Imboko Ndiranga


Dear Ndiranga, your comment is an excellent juxtaposition to the story of Faustin Kunde, featured in The New Times’ weekly video, “Survivor Series.”

As you have voluntarily taken the route to exile, Mr. Kunde, an ex-FAR commando, former FDLR fighter and an erstwhile mercenary fighter and senior security operative in Sassou Nguesso’s military in Congo Brazzaville, was making the journey in the opposite direction heading back home.

I am afraid I find his story to be much more evocative than yours.

I nevertheless believe that you are fully entitled to go wherever you think you will have the best chances of success. As François-Xavier Nziyosenga notes, unlike you, many of us were involuntarily exiles for decades without any right of return to the land of our ancestors.

Today, thanks to the RPA, that isn’t the case. Any Rwandan can emigrate or return to his country as he or she wishes without let or hindrance.

As I wish you all prosperity and a non-divided mind in whichever country you choose to live in, I also take the opportunity to let you know that, in today’s Rwanda, you will still be a Rwandan with the rights that go with that citizenship.

For as the American poet Robert Frost said, “Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to take you in”. And so, go everywhere hunting for greener pastures, but remember, your home, contemporary Rwanda, never rejects its sons and daughters—she has enough room for all of us, and will take all of us back in whenever we choose to return.

Mwene Kalinda



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