I hate people who...

Sometimes when you are in a moving vehicle and you come across an accident scene, someone will think it is their chance to air unsolicited opinions.

…think every traffic accident requires their opinion. Sometimes when you are in a moving vehicle and you come across an accident scene, someone will think it is their chance to air unsolicited opinions.

There is always that fellow with a malnourished beard who will convince you that it is the small car that was in the wrong and even go ahead to tell you how people who drive such cars don’t even know how to drive.

The joker’s hands that look like cheap yams will be used to demonstrate how exactly the accident happened as if he was at that spot watching everything in slow motion.

Such fellows must the kind that used to answer all questions when the examination instructions said chose two questions. They are just used to donating their ignorant opinions everywhere they go.

…live luxuriously instead of paying their creditors. I swear this breed of irritants is the absolute worst that we have to live with. I am sure you all know someone who owes you money but instead of paying you back they spend money partying and doing other things.

The thought of paying you never crosses their minds at all. Bad habits tend to have company and such jokers always have an excuse ready as to why they have not yet paid you. They always assume that you no longer need the money almost forcing you to be philanthropic by forgetting about the money.

The Hater does not forget such people. In fact I have already written them in my will so if I pass away and you have my money, your name will be read out at my funeral and my ghost will haunt you.

…are always too impatient when it comes to food. Last week I saw one such glutton at a restaurant. Manners were abandoned as he soon started eating as he served himself. He would put fries and go ahead to eat like four of them before moving to the next dish.

By now I was just looking at a hyena dressed in human clothes. I kept on wondering how such a person continued to remain part of society yet the devil could use his company for the time being. You could think that if he put the food and only started eating after sitting down he would be made to pay twice.

In fact I wish such people could be made to pay twice for the food and their bad manners. The only consolation is that such a joker is not employed by Hello Food otherwise he would just be delivering packing materials and no food.

…think they can trick you into tipping them. I don’t understand how some people think these days. Some people seriously think that if people are not as generous as they expect then robbing them is the remedy. I am talking about those sneaky waiters and waitresses who try to delay returning your change in the hope that you will leave it with them.

Well here is my message to them including that girl with funny legs who tried to pull this stunt on me last Thursday. Sometimes I am in no mood to tip you especially when I plan to use the same change for transport to my next destination.

It is not my fault that you really need the money and I do not resemble your boss. I wonder who employs these cheats in the first place.

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