I hate people who...

There are days I wake up hoping the world is a better place only to realise that there is a world cup tournament for those blessed with stupidity.

…prefer to blame foreigners for all their problems. There are days I wake up hoping the world is a better place only to realise that there is a world cup tournament for those blessed with stupidity.

How else can we explain the horrific stories coming from South Africa where some black South Africans are attacking fellow Africans from other countries? These goons claim that the foreigners have taken their jobs and should go back where they came from.

What I don’t understand is how burning or killing a foreigner instantly gives you the skills for the job that the foreigner was doing. And why have these jokers forgotten how the rest of Africa stood by them during the days of Apartheid. Surely Nelson Mandela did not spend 27 years of his life for this nonsense.

…think that customer care is about winning arguments. There is this very annoying breed of people who have mistakenly occupied customer care jobs but think their role is to win arguments. I am sure you have met these people who when you present an issue, they will spend their last few brain cells just arguing to win like it is some kind of primary school debate where the motion is ‘Water is better than fire.’

Someone needs to pull their ears hard and remind them that they are customer care people and not lawyers.

What is wrong with listening attentively and politely explaining so that both parties can reach an amicable understanding? I do not think that is too much to ask. Any way it could be too much because a brain transplant will cost a fortune and yet some of them need just that.

…assume you have to do something before you speak. If God did not bless you with the patience to listen and understand then you need stronger prayers. I find it very frustrating when people who cannot debate in a civil manner resort to sounding like constipated toddlers.

You talk about something like poor social services and they hit you with, ‘so what have you done about it besides complaining?’

Oh excuse, I did not know there was a list of things I was supposed to do and inform you that I did them before I could exercise my freedom to free speech. How did these people even grow to that age with such empty heads? Why is so difficult to listen, comprehend and respond where necessary? Does one have to always shut down debate simply because we do not walk around with lists of the things we have done before we spoke.

…each time they hear a nice song they claim it as their own. You are in the club and a good song plays and someone screams, ‘Oh that is my song!’ I always find this behaviour disturbing to be honest. Your whole clan can barely sing a nursery rhyme on key but you are here claiming other people’s songs. We also love the song but we have never thought of it as our own. Imagine if we all went around claiming everything we like.

Walking into a restaurant and when we see nice food on the menu we scream, Oh that’s my food! Yeah I guessed right, it does not sound like stuff sane people should be uttering so we are better off without it. If you really want to use that annoying phrase then please go to the studio and record a good song and then tell us how it is your song.

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