Two-man show

Drivers                                             CarR. Cantanhede/ D. Israel  (Rwa)  Subaru Impreza T. Saegerman   (Rwa)       Subaru ImprezaE. Mitraros/ P. Paganin  (Rwa)    Subaru ImprezaO. Costa/ J. Ruhanshyankiko (Rwa)    Subaru ImprezaG. Davite/ J. Camus  (Rwa)       Subaru ImprezaM.Villmure/ J. Kahn  (Rwa)       Subaru ImprezaC. Fitidis/ D. Niyonzima  (Rwa)      Mitsubishi Evo 6J. Giesen/ B. Cantanhede  (Tz)     Subaru ImprezaV. Bukera/ N. Kethia  (Bur)       Subaru ImprezaA. Dethise/ K. Musafiri  (Bur)     Subaru ImprezaJ.  Murengezi/ F. Cyatangabo (Rwa)      Mitsubishi Evo 3C. Kwizera/ I. Butera  (Rwa)       Peugeot 205 G. Rutabingwa/ I. Munyaneza (Rwa)      Toyota CorollaM. Verdin/ F. Desmare  (Bel)     Peugeot 106F. Beaufort/ B. Clesse  (Bel)     Peugeot 205P. David/ J. Leonard  (Bel)    Peugeot 205F. Mayaka/ S. Muheto  (Rwa)      Mitsubishi Galant

Drivers                               Car
R. Cantanhede/ D. Israel  (Rwa)  Subaru Impreza

T. Saegerman   (Rwa)       Subaru Impreza

E. Mitraros/ P. Paganin  (Rwa)    Subaru Impreza

O. Costa/ J. Ruhanshyankiko (Rwa)    Subaru Impreza

G. Davite/ J. Camus  (Rwa)       Subaru Impreza

M.Villmure/ J. Kahn  (Rwa)       Subaru Impreza

C. Fitidis/ D. Niyonzima  (Rwa)      Mitsubishi Evo 6

J. Giesen/ B. Cantanhede  (Tz)     Subaru Impreza

V. Bukera/ N. Kethia  (Bur)       Subaru Impreza

A. Dethise/ K. Musafiri  (Bur)     Subaru Impreza

J.  Murengezi/ F. Cyatangabo (Rwa)      Mitsubishi Evo 3

C. Kwizera/ I. Butera  (Rwa)       Peugeot 205

G. Rutabingwa/ I. Munyaneza (Rwa)      Toyota Corolla

M. Verdin/ F. Desmare  (Bel)     Peugeot 106

F. Beaufort/ B. Clesse  (Bel)     Peugeot 205

P. David/ J. Leonard  (Bel)    Peugeot 205

F. Mayaka/ S. Muheto  (Rwa)      Mitsubishi Galant

The 2007 national rally championship concludes today with two drivers still in contention for the title.

Defending champion Rudy Cantanhede and last year’s runners’ up Tony Saegerman are the two genuine contenders for the ‘Des Mille Collines Rally’ whose flag-off is scheduled for 7:30am at Hotel Mille Collines .

After amassing 275 points, Cantanhede holds a 74-point lead over Saegerman; his closest challenger and is favorite to win this year’s title.

But at the same time, the Belgian-born driver is conscious not to repeat last year’s misfortune. In 2006, Cantanhede suffered a premature exit on day one of the race after crushing his Subaru Impreza two hours into the race.

Saegerman title hopes largely depend on Cantanhede’s show. A top-eight spot finish is all that the later needs to be crowned champion.

Action starts off with a 29.22 km competitive section from Rugende to Gikoro and winds up with a 16.80km stretch from Rukara to Ntaruka.
However, the pick of the day’s race is expected to be the Kawangire-Ntaruka stretch which covers over 45km.

Des Mille Collines, Brussels airlines, Akagera Motors, Akagera Aviation and Rwanda motors are the key-sponsors of the rally.


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