Kicukiro residents urged to shun Genocide ideology, denial

Residents of Kicukiro District have been urged to honour the over one million victims of the Genocide against the Tutsi and help fight Genocide ideology as well as denial.

Residents of Kicukiro District  have been urged to honour the  over one million victims of the Genocide against the Tutsi and help fight Genocide ideology as well as denial.

The call was made by the district mayor, Paul Jules Ndamage, during the event to mark the 21st anniversary of the Genocide at Massaka Sector yesterday.

Ndamage noted that it was time to preach unity and reconciliation as opposed to divisionism, hatred and genocide ideology that were cherished by the genocidal government and culminated into the Genocide.

“Historically, Rwandan youth were taught to hate and kill by the genocidal government and colonial masters, but thanks to other youths that stood out to say no to divisionism and hatred and eventually stopped the killings of the Tutsi in 1994,” Ndamage said.

“Time has come for us to stand out, raise our voices, and denounce Genocide deniers as well as counter the spread of Genocide ideology,” Ndamage added.

Jeanne Marie Mukamana, 41, narrated how Paul Kanyamihigo, an orphanage manager turned into a “monster” and plotted for the massacre of over 100 Tutsi orphans at his centre, leaving others to be raped by the Interahamwe militia. 

 “Kanyamihigo was on a government mission to converge orphans mainly Tutsi into St. Agape Orphanage. When the Genocide started, government soldiers came with trucks and took away most of the orphans at the centre. They were never seen again,” Mukamana said.

 “Unfortunately, I have heard that Kanyamihigo is still alive and is suspected to be living in France. He should be brought to book so that he explains where those people are,” Mukamana said.

Mukamana survived Genocide because her father was a Hutu and the mother a Tutsi.

“I was not on the wanted list much as I was a Tutsi. However, we used to hear threats that we would be killed if the government defeated the RPA fighters. I can testify that genocide ideology had turned people into monsters and everyone had become blood thirsty,” she added.  

She called on Rwandans to speak and embrace the truth to ensure unity and reconciliation among Rwandans.



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