[VIDEO] Who are the 10 finalists in Guma Guma music competition?

It was an evening of tears and celebrations as six artistes came to learn that they would not be taking part in this year’s Primus GumaGuma Superstar Season 5.
All the ten finalists pose with the judges. (John Mbanda)
All the ten finalists pose with the judges. (John Mbanda)

It was an evening of tears and celebrations as six artistes came to learn that they would not be taking part in this year’s Primus GumaGuma Superstar Season 5.

Paccy is one of the two females who made it to the finals. 

Dreams of Danny Nanone, Young Grace, Naason, Jody, Queen Cha and Social Mula to win Primus GumaGuma Season 5 ended Saturday night at Gikondo Expo grounds.

10 finalists and 6 unluckiest for Primus Guma Guma Super Star 2015.

Eric Senderi emerges from a Primus ‘bottle’ on stage.

The six were among the 16 that participated in the first elimination phase to determine those who will take part in the competition.

2014 Guma Guma winner Jay Polly entertains the crowd.

Naason opened the evening performances, arriving on stage with a guitar to wow the crowd with his breakthrough hit Ab’isi .He was followed by Danny Nanone who performed his hitForever.

As it turned out both did not impress the judges or the crowd. Along with four others, the musicians failed to make the mark.

A big crowd that turned up for the event.

Speaking after failing to proceed to the next stage, Danny Nanone told the audience that he was glad to have participated.

“The fact that I was among the 16 who performed here tonight gives me great pleasure,” he said.

Dany Nanone displayed his best dancing tactics but he wasn’t that lucky to pass.

In the end, only 10 artistes had to make it through. The selected artistes who will be taking part in PGGSS 5 are TNP, Dream Boys, Knowless, Active, Bruce Melody, Bull Dogg, Senderi International Hit, Jules Sentore, Paccy and Rafiki.

Among the fans were these teenager twins. 

Participating for the third time, Senderi once again managed to sway the crowd and the organiser perhaps, when he appeared on stage in a humongous crafted primus bottle.

Anita Pendo (L) and MC Tino were the day’s MCs. 

Carried onto the stage by muscled men, the bottle opened to show Senderi clad in a 3-piece suit and a red bow tie. The singer, with the back-up of his dancers performed Jalousie.

Bruce Melodie on the satge. 

But on a night when musicians were supposed to be judged by their vocal abilities, the sound system was a letdown, particularly during Senderi and Knowless Butera’s performances.

Lion Imanzi one of the Judges, watches every movement of the contestants. 

But as they say, talent is talent and regardless of the bad sound, some artistes such as Jules Sentore and Bruce Melodie did their best to impress the crowd, even with the echo in the microphones.

Young Grace with her dancers on stage. 

As one of the 3 judges Lion Imanzi announced the artistes proceeding, it was obvious that not all of them would proceed. Those who went through could not believe it either.

Jody looked elegant in African attire. 

A visibly emotional Senderi got on his knees, fighting back tears, and said a prayer while first time participant Paccy wiped away tears of ecstasy when her name was read among the 10 finalists.

Rafiki aka Choga Style on stage.

Dream Boys on the other hand gave a brief but deep message “We have been here since 2009. Remember us and we will remember you”, the duo which has been near yet so far to winning it said as they try yet another attempt on the prize.

Jules Sentore who made it to the finals for the first time. 

Of all the 16 participants, Bull Dog and TNP had an immense connection with the crowd – both during and after performing as they thanked fans.

Similarly, the return of the king of ChogaRafiki was welcomed with great appreciation. The Bagambe singer has been off the radar for quite some time but his performance proved that he is still popular.

Eric Senderi waves to the crowd. 

On the other hand, it was heartbreak for Queen Cha’s fans who had turned up in big numbers to support the songstress.

Knowless  Butera's fans.

According to one of the judges AimableTwahirwa, the judges based on a number of factors including the crowd reaction, stage presence, conduct and vocal abilities of the musicians among other things.

Despite Queen Cha’s huge support, she wasn't able to pass. (All photos by John Mbanda)

“We met the artistes and briefed them about the criteria, so they are all aware of what they are supposed to do,” said Twahirwa, who was assisted by singer Tonzi and Lion Imanzi.

The first road show takes place in May while the finale is expected on August 15. Whereas PGSS was conducting 15 shows previously, Season Five will have 17.