Western Province earmarks Rwf55bn toward devt projects

Western Province plans to spend Rwf55.3 billion to develop infrastructure projects such as roads and markets in the Financial Year 2015/2016.

Western Province plans to spend Rwf55.3 billion to develop infrastructure projects such as roads and markets in the Financial Year 2015/2016.

Karongi, Nyabihu, Ngororero, Rusizi and Rutsiro districts will allocate the biggest percentage of the budget to key infrastructure projects, according to the Budget Estimates announced at a meeting of district officials and other stakeholders in Nyabihu last week.

Paul Jabo, the executive secretary of Western Province, said there are 76 projects lined up for funding in the various districts such as the construction of a stadium in Ngororero to cost Rwf850 million.

Others are construction of a modern market in Rusumo Sector to take Rwf390 million and the construction of feeder roads in rural areas such as Gatumba-Nyange-Ngororero road, which will cost Rwf470 million, and water treatment plants at Rwf1.5 billion.

Jabo said some projects will be jointly funded under private public partnership.

Rubavu and Rusizi are among the six secondary cities being positioned to act as ‘poles of growth’ for the country and officials said the development projects will be part of the urbanisation process.

The province is also giving priority to skills training and markets.

Jabo said a vocational centre will be constructed in Rubavu District at a cost of Rwf550 million, while a district conference hall will consume Rwf300 million.

The district will also increase public lighting in Bugeshi Sector, expected to consume Rwf600 million.

Other projects include construction of 33 kilometres of feeder road in Rusizi District which will cost Rwf2.6 billion and Ruganda Integrated Polytechnic Centre IPRC at a tune of Rwf250 million.

In Karongi District, phase four vocational centre will be built at a tune of Rwf187 million, second phase of cross border market will take Rwf280 million, while public lighting will consume Rwf311 million.

In Rutsiro, several feeder roads will be constructed and the district seeks to increase access to clean safe water.

In Nyabihu, officials said a guest house will be constructed in Mukamira Sector since the district has no single hotel.

More feeder roads will also be constructed to connect rural areas.

Jabo said he was optimistic all the projects will be implemented according to schedule in line with national development plans.

Local leaders and residents welcomed the move to prioritise infrastructure projects, noting that once completed they will change the image of their respective districts and help them in terms of social economic development.

“It is a good move to have electricity and feeder roads in this rural district, this will help us boost our farming as we will manage to take our produce to markets thanks to new roads. Also, having electricity will lead to increased working hours and help create more off farm jobs,” said Frederic Munyengabe, a resident of Nyabihu.