The jumpsuit: Fashion's new moneymaker

Plenty of trends emerged last year, from paper-bag waists to polka dots, but none so dominant as the jumpsuit. Nearly every designer - regardless of aesthetic, or how much his or her clothes typically cost - presented a version.

Plenty of trends emerged last year, from paper-bag waists to polka dots, but none so dominant as the jumpsuit. Nearly every designer — regardless of aesthetic, or how much his or her clothes typically cost — presented a version. 


That’s because the jumpsuit phenomenon has as much to do with customer demand as it does with what a designer was “feeling”. Global Google searches for “jumpsuits” have risen steadily over the past three years.

So how did the jumpsuits get so big? Before 2011, wearing a one-piece was left to outré dressers and cell mates.

The last time this look was popular with the masses was in the 1970s, when flamboyant dressing was de rigueur.

It’s important to choose the right cuts for your body shape. On the other hand, modern jumpsuits and rompers, unlike their spandex predecessors, tend to be looser fitting- more like pajamas.

Fashion has definitely taken a simpler route recently, so there’s an appeal to wearing an easy-chic one-piece with a simple pair of sneakers and some great accessories. And for a woman who prefers to be a bit more dressed? You can dress it down with slip on sneakers or up with heels and a tux blazer. The look can really take you from day to night seamlessly.

So is the jumpsuit really the new dress? A staple that every woman needs in her closet? It might take a few more years for that to be clear. But it’s definitely something every woman should own.

Ways to rock the jumpsuit

There are countless ways to rock the jumpsuit trend. No matter the season or occasion, there’s always a look you can pull off by wearing one! Celebrities have been spotted rocking these trends and now you can too. Get excited! These are the best ways to rock the jumpsuit trend.


•Hot weather is all about bold patterns. However, that doesn’t mean you have to stop rocking the look when it gets chilly! If you want to wear your favourite jumpsuit, just throw a leather jacket over it. The jacket will give it a much edgier vibe and will totally make you look like you’re dressed for the weather. This is one of the best ways to rock the jumpsuit!

•Do you usually wear a bunch of vibrant colours? Give those colours the day off and rock a jumpsuit in a statement-making black-and-white pattern! Keeping everything black and white makes you look very, very classy.

It also gives you the opportunity to really glam up your makeup. Go for that red lip and really make them pop!

•If you want to look chic without looking like you’re trying way too hard, the paneled jumpsuit is for you. The panels really accent the look on the shoulder and pants and are really eye grabbing!

•Usually, jumpsuits either land in the casual or dressy side. If you want the perfect balance between both, try a jumpsuit with soft drapes! It’s comfortable to move in and keeps your look very easy-going. If you want to dress up the outfit, wear your hair in a cute sock bun. If you want to dress it down and be casual, wear your hair down in flowy locks. Either way, this is an adorable way to rock the jumpsuit trend!


•Stripes are one of the biggest prints! Get in on the trend by rocking a jumpsuit with sultry stripes. The stripes elongate your body and make you look nice and tall! Pair the jumpsuit with simple black pumps for that extra wow factor. If you think the stripes are way too eye grabbing, layer a t-shirt with it. It’ll give you an edgy vibe and still be just as cute!

•If you want something really sleek and chic, black is always the answer. Not only is the colour slimming, but it’s perfect for pairing with colourful accessories. If you want to look put-together and are running late for class or whatever your destination may be, a simple jumpsuit always does the trick. Keep your hair down and call attention to your face with a bold red lip! You’ll look timeless, in no time.

• Lace really glams everything up! Depending on how you wear it, lace can make you look old Hollywood glamourous, or very rocker-ish! If you want to go for the rocker look, wear a black jumpsuit with lace side panels!

If you want that old Hollywood feel, wear a neutral coloured jumpsuit with lots of embellishments! The jumpsuits really speak for themselves so keep the makeup at a minimum! You’ll rock any event you go to!

Fashion is really timeless; there are always ways you can change up your look to fit the season/occasion. Have you rocked any of these yet? Which jumpsuit trend is your favourite?