I hate people who...

Do you know those habits that many of you said should be left in 2014? Well I wish to add that some people also ought to have remained in 2014

…ask me very obvious and silly questions. Do you know those habits that many of you said should be left in 2014? Well I wish to add that some people also ought to have remained in 2014.

I am talking about the special tribe of empty heads who find you standing outside a closed office, then go ahead to ask, “So they have not yet opened this place?” Indeed if it was open then you would have found me inside. If that is not clear to you, then you deserve a mega dose of experimental mental health drugs. Maybe next time you should try not to go beyond the Good Morning and simply join me in waiting quietly.

...spend their adult lives blaming everything on Western media. There is this class of ‘elites’ that Africa would not miss were they to all aboard a ship and later became breakfast for sharks. The ones who wake up every day, log onto the internet via the free office internet and then start whining and ranting about Western media.

They will blame everything on the Western media even where there is simply no link. Sometimes I even think these are the people who will blame western media when their landlord increases their rent. Someone needs to remind these people that there is a reason it is called western media and not African or Rwandan. They owe us nothing.

…you remind to pay you and they get angry. Many people forget that they do not have the right to get annoyed when someone asks them to pay back money they borrowed. How do you even afford to get angry about money that is not yours? In this month when poverty is more common than noise in a taxi park people need to be more focused on what is important.

If you do not have the money to pay back a loan the least you can do is ask for patience from your creditors. Getting annoyed does not mean the loan will go away or even reduce. When all is done the wise thing to do is find the money and clear your debts. Otherwise the person who deserves to be angry here is the one whose money you seem reluctant to pay back.

…always want to control other people’s lives even over small things. Yes I know that we have spent time listening to the French and world in general talking about freedom of speech with their hash tags to complete the picture. However people also need to learn how to just mind their business.

I am sure you have met those people who have an opinion on what you should wear or eat. Their views are mostly unsolicited ones. They see you with red shoes and tell you how you should try blue ones. When you eat meat they will tell you about the chicken at another place.

When you show them a picture of yourself they will comment on how you should have posed. They just never seem to tire from sticking their noses in other people’s businesses. Get a life! It’s 2015.

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