Don’t honour killers with military ranks

Editor, Refer to the story, “US hands over top LRA commander to Uganda Army” (The New Times, January 8)


Refer to the story, “US hands over top LRA commander to Uganda Army” (The New Times, January 8)

Murderers should not be called generals. This is an insult to military ranks. Normally, a military rank is an award given to someone as an appreciation of their ability or recognition for exceptional achievement and bravery.

But nowadays this recognition has almost become a joke, especially in the Great Lakes region.

The murders’ ranks should remain within their territory; otherwise, it is adding an insult to injury to hundreds of the victims of their brutality.

Sometimes the media play a role by unconsciously praising criminality—a particular example is Dominic Ongwen—that he rose rapidly in rebel ranks, becoming a major at the age of 18 and a brigadier by his late 20s.

This looks as a great achievement. But, unquestionably, this young man has blood on his hands.

The media should reconsider how they select words when reporting about rebels who spend few weeks in the bush and come out as brigadiers and major generals.




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