Tuyishime has turned dentistry into a cash cow

They say, profitability of an entrepreneur depends on his ability to always search for opportunities, respond and exploit them.

They say, profitability of an entrepreneur depends on his ability to  always search for opportunities, respond and exploit them.

This seed of thought has since been taken seriously by a 23-year-old dentist, JancyneTuyishime, founder and director of Humura Dentistry Clinic.

Located in Kalembo, sector, Ngoma District in Eastern Province, many call Tuyishime a savior who has managed to bring back smiles on the faces of many in the community.

Even at her youthful age,  nothing has stopped this dentist to turn her profession into a cash cow.

How she started

After graduating with a diploma in dentistry at Kigali Institute of Health Science in 2012, Tuyishime did not go looking for a job.

She instead went back to her village to deal dental illness which afflicted about 70 per cent of the people.

“Back in my primary school (Zaza primary school), I noticed many of my friends and school mates with dental problems that were not being attended to the way it should have been.”

In fact, in Ngoma alone, every 7 out of 10 people complained of tooth problems, says the dentist. 

This was both an inspirational and motivational factor that lured me into taking on science classes in my high school, she explains.

“I knew at the back of my mind that I was close to bringing unique and professional service that was going to turn misery into smiles, she adds.

Borrowing starting capital

With determination, Tuyishime borrowed only Rwf500, 000 from her parents to turn her dream into reality.  “After buying the basic equipment, the problem was how to find a place from where to operate. After a long search, I finally reached a deal with a nearby clinic that allowed me to operate inside their clinic before becoming independent,” says Tuyishime.

Through   professionalism and efficiency, Tuyishime was able to win trust of people that gave her a stable ground to start making money.

 With only four patients per day, Tuyishime was now making a minimum of Rwf10, 000 per day; while her former school mates were still on streets looking for what to do.

Tuyishime (third left) with colleagues. She now earns millions from dentistry. (Solomon Asaba)

Getting a boost

A few months into her business, Tuyishime received a boost from Laguilde French Association of dentists, who gave her equipment including a sterilizer.

This indeed enhanced her capacity to market and sustain business.

And with the new equipment, more patients came knocking, marking the beginning of a successful business.


Working with small borrowed capital to serve the big market presented a big challenge.

“Being able to monitor patients and make sure they are taking their medication as prescribed, was yet another challenge that kept me awake,” says the young millionaire.

All that is now history and Tuyishime, now treats more than 10 patients on a daily basis, earning more than Rwf1million per month on average.

The young star has also gone back to school and is now studying a bachelors’ degree in dentistry at the same institute under government sponsorhip.

She also employs four dentists, including one expert from Uganda.

“My biggest achievement so far is being able to bring a smile on faces of Ngoma residents, through new and more professionalized innovations,” she says.

Point of inspiration

I am always inspired by the market demand and the desire to bring new innovations to community.

Expansion plans

Tuyishime, is not stopping at serving Ngoma residents, but wants to expand her business across the country. She also has the desire to establish a pharmacy and venture into other sectors of the economy.

Advice to the youth

The youth must overcome their fears and exploit their potential no matter the bottlenecks.

They should not fail to try, because trying is the basis of innovation.

Business tips

Always work to win trust from your clients; and by putting their interests, first you will actually be satisfying their needs.

About Business environment

It’s improving each and every day for young people to take advantage.