Natural ways to overcome abdominal bloat discomfort

For several weeks, I have met clients who persistently complain of an abdominal gas discomfort and usually ask questions on the possible causes and prevention.

For several weeks, I have met clients who persistently complain of an abdominal gas discomfort and usually ask questions on the possible causes and prevention.

Abdominal gas feeling becomes a social concern when you are persistently forced into flatulence (the release of gas from the digestive system through the anus). This occurs when gas collects inside the digestive system.

Passing gas out is part of normal body function and also shows good activity of the intestines. People who do not develop or let the gas out atleast once in a while present with adverse problems.

Problems with flatulence occurs when you get a lot of gas and comes as a foul smell. Sometimes becomes worse when you are in an undesirable place and have to hold the gas in your abdomen.

This causes more toxic form of bloating that can badly upset the stomach and lead to more complications.

There are many factors that can cause abdominal bloats but bloats associated with foul small are usually linked to parasite infestation like the amibiasis or toxicity from the intestinal flora.

In case of parasite infestation, it’s advisable to take dewoarming tablets or test stool to look for possible parasite in cause and treat accordingly.

Some natural plants can help prevent toxicity from the flora. For example, the ginger plant; Ginger plant can help to stop gas from forming inside the stomach but rarely used to treat bloat problems when you already have them.

Therefore, to keep flatulence away chew, a fresh piece of ginger after a meal or can add some fresh ginger to your meal in case it’s finely grinded.

Alternatively, you can make a ginger tea by grinding up some ginger and adding it to a cup of boiling water. Leave for 10 minutes then reheat as hot as you can handle it then slowly sip. It’s advisable to take at least three times a day in order to achieve the best results.

Another good plant that can help overcome flatulence is the peppermint. You can add some fresh leaves of pepper mint in boiling water and take as tea. You need to take this tea atleast two or three times a day.

There is also peppermit oil that is artificially made and can be mixed even in cool water for use. Peppermint can be grown in gardens.

Others include some rare plants such as the caraway seeds and black seeds that help tremendously with indigestion, cramping, bloating and stomach gas.

You need to add a teaspoon of caraway seeds or black seeds to a cup of boiling water and let sit for 10 minutes. Strain the seeds and then drink right before you eat for best results. Alternatively, you can also chew  the cooked seeds of this plant or finely made form that can be added to your food.

Another plant is apple cider vinegar; this is a potent cleanser and eliminator of the gas from the abdomen. It is one of the best foods that helps with digestion.

There is always an immediate relief from abdominal bloats when you mix a tablespoon of apple cide vinegar in a glass of warm to hot water. People who are troubled by the soar taste of the apple cider vinegar liquid can take the tablets or capsules form.

The commonly used form of baking soda and lemon juice also offers regular alternatives. They both form carbon dioxide, which is a natural digestive aid.

Dr Joseph Kamugisha is an oncologist  at Rwanda Military Hospital, Kanombe