LooseTalk: Rules of life

This alludes to the quest to unravel some of life's greatest mysteries, but for a change, let us desist from going down that familiar and tired route of "who am I?" "Where am I from", and "where am I going". That's old news.

This alludes to the quest to unravel some of life’s greatest mysteries, but for a change, let us desist from going down that familiar and tired route of “who am I?” “Where am I from”, and “where am I going”. That’s old news.

That said, new, tougher questions have since evolved, of course with no answers.

Questions like why even the mightiest miracle-working pastors and televangelists just won’t extend their magic wand to cast out Ebola from West Africa. Why?

And how complex is the task compared to restoring sight to the blind, curing HIV and cancer, and making the lame walk, which is the strange claim of a certain breed of evangelists?

Another old but tough question goes to our pilots and aviation crews, and it pertains to the issue of the black box, which is purpose-built to keep its cool and withstand any form of destruction, heat or fire power to the plane. Obviously this begs the question; why isn’t the whole plane made of the same tough and inflammable material as the black box?

And why is it that people with foul breath always get so close while talking to you that their lips want to touch the tip of your nose?

Another tough question is; if love’s so nice, then tell me why it hurts so much? In fact, if love’s so good, why am I sad?

Life is also about establishing a good borrowing culture, because the fact is that we all live indebted lives one way or the other.

They say the easiest way to tell a man’s character is to watch their behavior after borrowing from you. The thing is to not accept to be bundled together with this sad lot of “bad borrowers”, since you will need a good reputation to secure the next loan. Therefore, measures have to be taken:

The trick with borrowing or taking credit is to not do it only when you’re on the ropes and can barely maneuver. Spread it out. Be a little unpredictable.

For a change, take that Rwf 120,000 loan right on pay day, if you happen to be a salaried worker. Promise to pay back early next morning, and do just that. Trust me, your lender will sing your praises all over the place, perhaps even connect you to other money sharks.

If you happen to be an African street hustler like the ghetto rude boys who double as car mechanics along Nyamirambo’s Talinyota street, wait for the day when that imari ishyushe you’ve been chasing has matured and you’re super loaded. Then swagger down to the nearby mini alimentation and indulge in an extravagant spot of shopping.

After your shopping basket is full to the brim, walk to the attendant and kindly ask for credit. Then return after four hours and clear the Rwf 13,000 for that miserable shopping you did at the alimentation. Again, trust me, you will be in that shop’s white book, not the black one.