Big Brother Hotshots: Laveda, Alusa back Frankie, Arthur

Rwanda's representatives in the ninth edition of Big Brother Africa "Hotshots" may be having a tough week with both up for Sunday's eviction but two of their former housemates think the duo will stay in the house longer.
Seven contestants have already departed the house. (Net photo)
Seven contestants have already departed the house. (Net photo)

Rwanda’s representatives in the ninth edition of Big Brother Africa “Hotshots” may be having a tough week with both up for Sunday’s eviction but two of their former housemates think the duo will stay in the house longer.


Both Frankie and Arthur are strong contenders in Africa’s biggest reality TV show and will most certainly survive this week’s eviction, at least according to Tanzania’s Laveda and Alusa of Kenya, both whom were evicted from the house last Sunday.

Speaking to The New Times from South Africa yesterday, the former East African Big Brother contestants expressed confidence that Africa will keep the Rwandan celebrities in the competition for another couple of weeks largely because of their strong personalities and intellect.

And Laveda is backing Frankie to go all the way and win the ultimate prize of $300,000 that’s up for grabs.

“This year’s Big Brother is most likely going to be won by a guy and I think Frankie has a very big chance,” she told The New Times during a telephone interview.


Laveda suggested that despite both Frankie and Arthur being on the chopping board this week, Africa will save both of them. “It’s a competition and your fellow housemates will always nominate you, but Africa decides who leaves and who stays in the house,” she said.

“Generally, I think Rwanda has very strong personalities in the house. Arthur is popular with everyone and he is talented; he also deserves to win,” she said.

Frankie and Arthur are Rwanda’s first ever representative to the reality show, which this year started on October 5 with 26 contestants, with the grand finale due on December 7.

Seven contestants have already departed the house, with Kenya already out of the competition.

Evicted housemates are booked into a hotel where they stay for at least a week before they could head back home.

Kenya’s Alusa, the seventh housemate to be evicted, shares the same view as Laveda, suggesting that Zimbabwe’s JJ was probably represented the toughest competition for the Rwandan housemates.

‘Emotional connection’

He said Frankie and Arthur each stands a chance to return home with the ultimate prize.


Alusa says Arthur’s charisma and confidence could put him ahead of the other housemates in the race.

“Arthur is my friend. He is a funny guy and always thinks before saying anything which I find very respectful of him. He has a chance, but the eventual winner for me will be JJ.”

Both Laveda and Alusa say they are looking forward to visit Rwanda in the future.

Meanwhile, the Tanzanian lass admitted that she and Frankie initially had a thing for each other, before she moved on when he did not seem to respond emotionally.   

“I and Frankie were very good friends on many levels, intellectually and emotionally, although he made it very difficult for me to connect with him at first,” she said. “In the end, we became like brother and sister”.

Arthur was nominated after his group (Team B) lost Saturday’s extravaganza. He was nominated alongside Kacey Moore (Ghana), Luis (Namibia), Mr. 265 (Malawi), Macky2 (Zambia), and Sheillah of Botswana.

Frankie, on the other hand, was initially not on the eviction list since his team had won the extravaganza, but there is no such a thing as being in a comfort zone in the Big Brother house. The model and actor was, however, later added on the list by the new Head of House JJ of Zimbabwe.

At least two housemates are expected to leave the house come Sunday.


Frankie’s name was added onto the list on Monday a day after the other five housemates that are up for eviction had been nominated.

Housemates with the least number of votes leave the house on the eviction day.

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