Noise pollution: What's the best remedy?

Editor, Reference is made to Kenneth Agutamba's article, "Why arrest pastors on Sunday?" (The New Times, October 15).


Reference is made to Kenneth Agutamba’s article, “Why arrest pastors on Sunday?” (The New Times, October 15). Pastors are committing crimes by sanctioning loud noises from their loudspeaker systems. So, taking them away in the middle of a noisy worship session is equivalent to taking away a thief in the commission of a crime.

The Police don’t let a person finish committing a crime before apprehending them; they arrest them as soon as possible.


Noise pollution is illegal, granted, but I see a different solution: withdraw license to operate in that specific area and give notice period enough for the church to relocate.

I still don’t agree on arresting pastors during a Sunday service. On Monday, may be. Policy change advocacy is needed here. Most of all, I don’t want all this to be compared to a church persecution process like in the ancient times around the time when Paul was still Saul.

Have police ever arrested Ferwafa boss because of a football match at Amahoro National Stadium, or anywhere else, yet there is lots of noise pollution during games?