I hate people who...

I think we can all agree that there is nothing funny about death unless you are watching a movie with death scenes.

…think it is funny to make jokes about Ebola. I think we can all agree that there is nothing funny about death unless you are watching a movie with death scenes. That said I wish I could see the parents of people who think it is funny to crack jokes about Ebola virus. Their parents owe us an apology for bearing such part-time thinkers.

Just because no one in your family has died of the deadly virus doesn’t mean it is OK for you to laugh at those suffering. Why not use that time reading more about the diseases and taking necessary precaution. There is nothing funny about a disease that is claiming thousands of lives. So look up other jokes, please.

…are always complaining instead of participating. This breed of irritants can be found in abundance on social media platforms. I am talking about the ones who spend their life complaining about almost anything they see. Of late a section of these irrelevant fellows have been complaining about Big Brother contestants. If it is not their hair then it is their accents.

They crown this by pointing out how contestant X is not representing them. Well that is true because that person chose to contest while you were just there stealing tweets and liking Facebook pages. Why didn’t you go for the auditions then? Get a life.

…can’t dance but always shout and clap when a song is played. Sometimes I go to the club to enjoy myself but there is a group of people I find so annoying. The ones who while we were learning how to dance as kids were still trying to figure out how to sleep and not wet their beds.

I am talking about those who cannot dance but will act up each time a song is played in the club. The ones who jump and scream, ‘oh that’s my song.” Two seconds later the same jokers are just smiling sheepishly and clapping their hands like a retarded seal instead of dancing. How can you go to the club and spent the whole time drawing attention to the fact that you can’t dance?

… misspell other people’s names. I sincerely don’t know what is wrong with some people. Take for instance those who misspell other people’s names. I am actually surprised that this is not a capital offence yet. Names represent identity and therefore getting wrong is a big sin.

When you get the name wrong it means that you have technically changed one’s identity and for that reason alone you qualify to be on this page. If you really think missing one letter is not such a big deal then wait when on judgement day you find out that your name was misspelled.

If you do not know the spelling please ask. For example my name is THE HATER. Nothing more nothing less.

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