Rusesabagina becomes notorious flag-bearer of genocide negationism

We have learnt that Paul Rusesabagina and his umbrella party PDR-Ihumure are preparing a conference to be held in Brussels this coming weekend.

We have learnt that Paul Rusesabagina and his umbrella party PDR-Ihumure are preparing a conference to be held in Brussels this coming weekend.

In the last two years this man has been touring different cities in North America using his usurped fame to broadcast a lot of lies about current developments in Rwanda, abusing its leadership and most of all spreading the devil’s ideology of negationism or plotting for a re-incarnation of the genocide.

It is however no wonder since he in the first place fraudulently got “famous” because of it and he is now unashamedly again using it for his personal ambitions. Having noticed that his devilish business is gradually getting known to the public in North America, Rusesabagina is now shifting his venom to Europe.

Indeed and as indicated in our previous article, on 16 October 2007, Rusesabagina was cautiously received at Emory University, where he unsuccessfully tried his habitual allegations and falsehoods on his young audience.

While introducing him to the audience, the College Council President, Mr. Daniel Berger took a distance from what Rusesabagina was about to tell the University audience and made a disclaimer in which he indicated that despite conflicting accounts of the heinous atrocities in Rwanda, they had welcomed Rusesabagina and looked at his story as one piece of a very complex and harrowing puzzle.

The President of the Students Council then followed and warned his colleagues, saying that Rusesabagina’s views were in the least controversial…

Rusesabagina must have been more alarmed when he heard that “A group of Emory faculty members who opposed allowing him to speak unopposed at the State of Race last month has organised a follow-up event to present an honest version of the Rwandan Genocide,” because as Professor of Anthropology and Global Health, Peter Brown, another organiser of the event said, “If $20,000 of our tuition money went towards this man making political-ethnic tensions worse, then you’re putting $20,000 in the war chest…”

The so called “hero” was scared off most by Susan Allen, who has been conducting research on Aids in Rwanda since 1994 and said she is very familiar with the events prior to, during and after the Genocide in Rwanda when she emphasized that “her goals concerning the upcoming panel discussion include dispelling the myths around Rusesabagina and raising awareness that the criminals responsible for the Genocide are still at large in countries including the United States.

She said she hopes to see 100 “category one” criminals - Genocide planners and organisers - brought to justice before the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda”, the very people Rusesabagina has been trying to exonerate through rewriting and distorting history. And indeed, Rusesabagina is a close buddy and associate to some of the cream of Genocide architects, who designed the plan that was to guarantee the extermination of a section of Rwandans. 

Some of such genocidaires include Georges Rutaganda, Augustin Bizimungu (now in ICTR coolers) and Théoneste Bagosora.

 Those who know his undercover role during the genocide have testified to us that he notoriously gave out names of Tustis who were at the UNAMIR- protected Hotel de Mille Colline to RTLM journalists like renowned Valerie Bemeriki, a Genocide convict in Rwanda. Indeed as an example, the so called hero caused the death of one Cyubahiro Constantin by leaking information that he had got out of the Hotel de Mille Colline and heading to Nyamirambo, a Kigali suburb.

  Anyhow, after the already described set backs in North America, Rusesabagina came up with a new “attractive” concept designed to hoodwink his targeted audience in Europe, although he is likely to meet even more challenges as the people in Europe are better acquainted with the reality in Africa and for that matter in Rwanda. As we are informed, the upcoming event is presumably intended to launch a so called “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” in Rwanda! In Rwanda? But why then hold the conference in Brussels? 

Indeed as anticipated, we have learnt that the venue of his choice which one of his lieutenants had reserved for the said meeting in Brussels has just been turned down.

The administration of the University of Louvain la Neuve in Brussels later learnt the real intentions of Rusesabagina and communicated back to cancel the reservation. He will have to get another venue but time is running out for him and soon the truth will prevail and his audience will exclusively be the negationists like him, and innocent non-suspecting foreigners.

The very people making the panel at the conference reveal the man’s hidden agenda.

We are told that to address the conference are notorious negationists/revisionists such as Pierre Péan, Robin Philpot, Déo Mushayidi, Victoire Ingabire and a certain Béatrice Umutesi among others.

In his book “Noires fureurs, blancs menteurs” Pierre Péan claims that the real catalyst of the Genocide was not the Hutu regime, but the Tutsi rebels who he alleges shot down President Juvénal Habyarimana’s plane…

He then painfully attempts to exonerate France from blame for arming the Hutu genocidaires.

He has been taken to court by the civil society in Europe for having written a negotionist book “on order” and the only goal is to minimize the French government’s responsibility in the Rwandan Genocide.

 Robin Philpot lately released a new book labeled “Rwanda: crimes, lies and silencing of the truth”, a second work that rewrites the history of the Rwandan history and tragedy.

The author pretends in this book that the official version camouflages the serious crimes and the lies of the present régime of Kigali.

Mr Philpot says that the word genocide is flawed since, contrary to the case of the Jews during World War II, there were indeed a lot of victims in the two ethnic groups, that is to say among the Hutus and the Tutsis.

  The newspaper Le Monde calls it “a reversing of interpretation”, since their writings are about showing that the massacre of “only 280 000 Tutsis was lower than the one perpetrated against the Hutus”.

As for  Mushyayidi and Ingabire, one need not say much for they are known for throwing diatribes against the Rwandan government leadership and people, all aimed at their wretched personal ambitions.

As one can see, the panel is constituted primarily of negationists and hard revisionists.

The new umbrella of this club (Rusesabagina) does seem to reassemble members of a volatile club, without project and without history. To find hope on the likes of Péans is a demoralising illusion, to say the least.

The conference is being held in the media and commercial context that Rusesabagina has undertaken.

He will make an alibi of it to collect money, pretending that it is for orphans that he helps or the schools that he pretends to construct in Rwanda.

Can one imagine a commission of reconciliation coming from a conference that only speaks despicably of the RPF, no mention of the Tutsi genocide, the FDLR’s continuous crimes in Congo, and no reference to history (MDR Parmehutu, MRND and all the “Hutu Power”…)?

We hear that Rusesabagina has also managed to lure Rev. Jesse Jackson, Ambassador Bob Krueguer (former US ambassador in Burundi) and Ambassador Robert Flaten into following him and that they will be present during the infamous meeting.

I only hope that these distinguished gentlemen will soon see the truth and take their distance from this very dishonest man whose real intention is the entrenchment of impunity among the perpetrators of the 1994 Genocide, with a secret dream that he ignites another genocide to complete the unfinished chapter.

To some it may still sound a bit wild, but that is the real person of Rusesabagina, and soon you will get details that are more graphic on him!


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