Strabag would have done better!

On behalf of Kabeza residents, allow me to express our grief to the government through your daily paper.

On behalf of Kabeza residents, allow me to express our grief to the government through your daily paper.

For a long, the construction of Kabeza road has been our nightmare, but it seemed there is still a long way to go for our dream to come to reality.

Six months ago, after having enough with our woes, as usual the government used its propaganda and announced that the terrible road was to soon undergo construction. And that the process would be done before the end of this year.

Upon this promising announcement on both airwaves and TV, Kabeza residents were so happy. In fact, even these who had plans of shifting, decided to stay, because they thought the dusty and pothole-like snake road would soon to be tarmaced.

But to many of us, we have started losing hope, because the year has elapsed, and yet nothing is yet on ground. Even the road that was earlier leveled, it has again developed potholes due to heavy rains, and the dusty is also at large.

The place is no longer as its name suggests “Kabeza” meaning (an area for beauties). This is because most of its inhabitants, including the so-called “Abeza” (Beauties) quit the area for safety of their hygiene and protection of their automobiles.

Fortunately or unfortunately, the government hired the Chinese engineers other than Strabag. They started with the leveling, which took them four months, and they have now started digging the trenches, which is likely to take them other four-five months.

To many of us, who reside in this area (Kabeza), it seems these guys are either unprofessional, or simply lazy. They work for lesser hours, thus taking very long to accomplish what they are meant to do.

Like where I stay. The road sloping there is now a mess. Simply that!! They dug the ditches, and now car can pass. If you happen to board a motorcycle or even a car, it will leave on the main road and struggle your way out.

I will never forget, the day it rained cats and dogs, I hired a cab to take me home, but all the same, it left me on the main road, and I had to wrest with the mad.

And by the time I reached home, I had only one shoe, because the other got stack in the mad. It was really disgusting!

This area is now totally messed up and really disgusting! When it rains, the road becomes muddy, and when doesn’t, then the dusty is welcomed until people’s bedrooms. Jesus Christ…this is disaster!

We then appeal to the government to do something to save us from this horrible situation, or else we abandon the area!

If these guys (Chinese engineers not ready to pull up their stockings, then it better contract Strabag, after all, they are faster and professional.


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