'Rwanda's Kagamenomics'

Editor, I wish to react to Kenneth Agutamba's article, "Debating Rwanda's Kagamenomics" (Sunday Times, July 27).


I wish to react to Kenneth Agutamba’s article, “Debating Rwanda’s Kagamenomics” (Sunday Times, July 27).


On the issue of giving a grace period of four to six years for all sizable informal sector to register and have a formal/physical address and contact then, I agree on a minimum annual contribution and an informative and educative but not punitive audit by RRA every year or two for the sake of making the informal sector conversant with taxpaying and accounting/auditing.


A kind of friendly atmosphere and coaching attitude will arise and every serious and willing to grow individual/business will be glad to have this relationship with the tax body.


By the end of the six years, all will be formalised and trained on taxpaying with accounting backup to their numbers while RRA will be well informed with the nature and size of each new formal taxpayer/business.

This leaves both sides with a rich archive/history to start a formal relationship with ease and trust – a win-win situation.

Beau, Rwanda

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