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Sponsorship deadlock

MTN Rwandacel is ready to support local football and is willing to sponsor anything but the national league, the company PR has confirmed.

MTN Rwandacel is ready to support local football and is willing to sponsor anything but the national league, the company PR has confirmed.

Ferwafa is in talks with the country’s leading telecommunications provider with a view to lure them into sponsoring the national football league.

However, Bosco Sendahangarwa despite confirming the negotiations noted that MTN is ready to support football in Rwanda in whatever form but not necessarily sponsoring the national league.

He said, “It’s true, we are in talks with Ferwafa to see how we (MTN) can support football in the country, however, that doesn’t mean MTN wants to take on the national league.”

“There are many ways MTN can work with Ferwafa in terms of developing Rwanda’s football but we’re yet to decide on exactly where we can put the money,” Sendahangarwa told Times Sport on Monday.

The company’s publist in charge of promotions noted that negotiations are still in infant stages and admitted that, “there still along way” before a deal of any sort can be struck.

Still studying Ferwafa proposal
Sendahangarwa disclosed that the local football ruling body has forwarded their proposal to MTN outlining their desire and how both parties would benefit from a possible deal.
“They have brought to us their proposal and we are still studying it.

It could take a few more months before anything concrete can be taken out of it,” he explained.

And asked on when exactly a deal of any sort would be reached, he said, “Not now but it should be before the end of the year.”

MTN-League out of question 
When reports licked that the local football ruling body had started talks with MTN about the possibility of the later to take on the national league, it was the sort of news any anyone connected to Rwandan football in his/her right mind would wish for.

It goes without saying that, besides one or two clubs, the rest of the other clubs have struggled to ‘favorably’ compete in a sponsorless league.

Bralirwa through their Primus brand signed a three-year deal to sponsor the national league at the start of the 2005/06 season but pulled out barely a year into it claiming that they were not getting value for money.

“MTN has always supported not only football but sports in general in Rwanda and we want to continue doing the same. “We’ve worked with Ferwafa before and we shall continue but not by sponsoring the national league. We are yet to decide what exactly would best suit our interest, it could be the U-20 or something else,” Sendahangarwa stressed.

With the new football season scheduled to kick of next month, it would be a heavy blow if Ferwafa failed to convince MTN to take on the national league other than opting to out their money somewhere else.

Official 2010 World Cup sponsor
MTN is the official sponsor of the 2010 World Cup which will be staged by South Africa and ideally, it would be in both parties (Ferwafa and MTN) best interest to strike a deal sooner rather than later. 

This view was complimented by Sendahangarwa when he said, “MTN being the official sponsor of the 2010 World Cup, it would be in our best interest to be heavily affiliated to football in the country.”

Ferwafa still silent
Until this day, Ferwafa have not come up with any official communication talking about how exactly they intend to work with the telecommunications provider.

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