Should we watch Aids finish every one?

What are we doing to protect the very small number of the few who do not have the Aids virus?

What are we doing to protect the very small number of the few who do not have the Aids virus?

We daily take our dear ones for burial; attend funerals, see those bedridden in the hospital, swallow bitter soothing drugs (antiretroviral), as every day insignificant occurrences.

They are terrible wars which could decimate countless people. Can’t we see Aids as a self invited malady, and not as an accident, befalling us from nowhere?

Do we think we can enjoy pornography, free sex, narcotics intoxicating liquors, caress anyone, and avoid Aids, with its accompanying calamities?

It is time to reclaim our self-respect, self-esteem and excellent ethical standards.

An integral part of personal character development comes out of abstinence. Self-control, being unselfish is harvested by empathy and living for the sake of others.

Building strong families, lowering crime rates, providing security for our communities and businesses is a result of abstinence, a good character to eliminate divorce, teen pregnancies, abortion, Aids and its related consequences.

Love is the most important thing in life. Everything in life is regulated by rules and regulations which are exceptionally selfish.

Our society is becoming more sexually promiscuous than any other time in history. Sex is explicit everywhere more than ever. It is totally untrue that this is a sign of being modern or progressive.

Three people in their theories attempted to legitimize promiscuous sex, under a hidden agenda. A personal motive was behind the degraded view of sexuality, love in the role Kinsey, Sigmund Freud and Hugh Hefner.

Their argument was basically that placing any limits on sexual expression was repression, an infringement on personal freedom; in addition that self-control was unhealthy and unnatural.

Yet purity is a precious fashionable idea. Many nations who guarded the sacredness of marriage and the sanctity of family helped make the same nations to prosper. Rwanda was in the past one of pure love, virginity and holiness of marriage. Now that we don’t bother to adhere to the beauty of purity, we are on the way to be paupers (impirimbiri), with poor health, corruption, insensitive to compatriots, a channel to all kinds of evil and suffering.

The truth is that, the moral characters of a people, be it Americans, Russians, Arabs, Canadians, Rwandans etc; are more closely linked to the rise and fall of civilizations than their military power, financial strength or technological achievements.

Numerous examples attest to this; Greece, the mighty Roman Empire, Chinese dynasty, the golden mogul Empire of India and many others perished because of extreme moral decadence. History repeats itself.

Decline in morals we are undergoing today, will push us to extinction. Survivors if any will one time in the future talk about extinct mighty empires which existed, of how America was, Europe, South Africa, our nation and many powerful nations collapsed.

Misuse of human sexuality makes our children untouchable.

Adults openly exploit conjugal sexuality for financial gains on internet, cinema, video, advertisement as entertainment thus issuing death certificates to young kids.

Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) founder of psychoanalysis reduced sex to a primary human drive, no different from our desire to eat or sleep.

Freud attacked our sexual values. He was an addict to cocaine. His hypotheses have been swallowed wholly. Alfred Kinsley (1894-1956) played a role in changing world view on sexual behaviour. He got his degree by studying gall wasps.

He changed fields and took it upon his head to ruin sexual standards. His work was based on deformed beliefs of mis-constructed data. Ridiculously, he encouraged homosexuality, and was given national media attention.

Damaging conclusions, false assumptions, pushed incest and criminal paedophilia even infants rape to extreme. Such ideas have permeated every aspect of society everywhere, in politics, legal, medical, entertainment and education fields.

This has made people to imagine that abstinence before marriage seems biologically impossible, as most people would have become the norm, with a short sighted evil motivation always behind, ignoring the hospital and coffin costs and funerals.

Hugh Hefner born in 1926 was the one who brought into Kinsey’s lie. He wanted to make perverted sex the norm of the world.

Play boy magazine, full of porno, glamorized promiscuous sex, ruthlessly attacking marriage and family as its agenda, at the some time scoffing at religion and urging for legalization of drugs.

Such a pornographic magazine regarded women as simply sex objects to be bought, sold and disposed of after use regarding marriage as pointless.

Hugh married twice, but all ended in failure both times. Shamed by their son’s illicit sexual empire, his parents refused to take even a single penny from playboy who wanted to share his wealth with parents.

The two mutually fulfilling purposes of sex-pleasure and procreation were separated to justify sex for personal pleasure outside of marriage commitment, eventually mocking traditional values and virtues.

Repackaged and sold to the republic was adultery and fornication a new misuse of freedom, removing love from sex.

Refusing to consider social responsibilities and consequences to others is not freedom, it is purely selfishness. Not only destroying social values, our children have been totally brainwashed.

The writer works with Universal Peace Federation and can be reached on this e-mail

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