Are there good lessons from BB?

Through your paper, allow me to share my views with the fans of the Big Brother Africa.

Through your paper, allow me to share my views with the fans of the Big Brother Africa.

Hello! Do not think that I am biased with the show, but I’m simply speaking my mind aloud. Of late, I have been obsessed by this show, just like many of you out there, and BB Africa channel is now my focus.

Yes, you might agree or disagree with, because you are fully entitled to your opinion, and so do I. Often times, we get obsessed with ineffective and nasty stuffs. Am I wrong? Oh yes…absolutely not!

You can imagine, often times we have abandoned commitment to constructive issues, but we shall not fail to spare a few hours to watch BB, soccer, or just certain movie series.

Surprisingly, sometimes these shows are not always interesting, but we shall persist and stay, because we are already addicted to them.

Often times, I have been offended by BB shows, because sometimes they are boring, and some of these practices are awful. Actually, there is no pride in showing it, watching these ladies and men showering in nudity.

I remember when the BB show had just started, some of these Housemates used to cover themselves, a true spirit of Africanism, but as time went on, they revealed their true colours, because they could not hide them any longer.

And that has actually contributed to a failure to many, as they were proved to be snakes in the House.

For instance, Bertha who begun by acting like a saintly woman, and true African woman, ended up adopting the nasty culture, and she was always spotted hotly kissing and romancing with Kweku.

Surely, I believe as Africans, we should always be proud of promoting and insisting on culture, no matter what? Let us only adopt what has use for our development, but not to sell our culture all in the name of money. Long live Africa!


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