Why doctors should be exemplary in society

Doctors work to bring their patients back to good health. This includes listening to medical and emotional stresses with a professional view of alleviating them where possible.

Doctors work to bring their patients back to good health. This includes listening to medical and emotional stresses with a professional view of alleviating them where possible.

Society tends to hold physicians in high regard because of the immense work they perform.

Doctors have influence in many areas and should be very careful not to misuse the trust placed in them in view of the Hippocratic Oath they take. The qualities and activities that make a person an ideal doctor are generally the same qualities and activities that make a person ideal for any job.

Honesty is an admirable character in life and important when you are a doctor as it is equally important for politicians, mechanics, scientists, salesmen, and everyone else.
Doctors have to cooperate with the people they work with and have desirable patience that enables their work to be successful.

 It’s important to work hard, have a large amount of patience no matter the status of the job. These are important qualities that doctors should possess in their daily life but they are as well important for everyone else.

The medical work is centred on the relationship of the doctor and his patients. It is very important to notice here that the duties of an ideal doctor are directed towards his patients. Towards the patients, the doctor must work for the betterment of their health and he/she should work with the patient as partners in that goal.

 It is the job of the doctor to explain to the best of his understanding the health threats patients and people face in their lives and provide them with the options by giving both the positive and negative consequences for each option that is taken.

Again, the doctor must respect the decisions of their patients, that is to say, whether they are agreeable or not, and he/she must also maintain confidentiality about most things that the patient tells him/her.

The doctors should always work towards the betterment of society achieved by working together with other physicians to create a healthier community and country.

Doctors also contribute to improving healthy living conditions and the effecting political decisions that may affect the medical care and medical conditions in hospitals and other ethical decisions taken by the government.

They do have a lot of influence in the society.

It is not usually part of the doctor’s job to become a politician, and therefore not obligatory to become an active politician.

Other spheres of life like politics and others are carried out by many doctors during their free time if they want to work for improvement of the society.

Most doctors work takes very long hours or long periods and therefore do not have time to use their influence in the society to bring about development.

Some doctors today tend to deviate from their activities and engage in community development work, a move that has been discouraged by many African states due to lack of enough medical expertise in the health sector.

 In some developing countries, doctors do not work hard in their own communities, and you rarely find them volunteering at free clinics for poorer patients.

Under this regard, there is a lot that a doctor can do to the society but it takes a great deal of energy to accomplish and achieve these memorable things.

People should always think about the reasons why children and some people in their early childhood life admire to become doctors.

An ideal doctor wants to become a doctor because he or she enjoys working with people and such kind of people find medicine very interesting.

There are also many jobs in this world that one would get to work with people and being a doctor is one of them.

 Doctors also work to earn a living and therefore work to get money, but one will not say that an a good doctor is the one who only want to help people because they are many aspects of which one can use to help people and accomplish in a variety of different ways.

In fact being a doctor is like being a mechanic engineer only that a mechanical engineer works to fix a machine and a doctor works to fix life.

And because people are far more complicated and valuable than most machines, there is a higher standard of knowledge demanded from doctors than their mechanical counterparts.

However, being a doctor does not make a person smarter, wiser, kinder, or in any other way better than other people. Our society also needs people like mechanics, teachers, scientists and everyone else.

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