Murenzi girls should get justice

Lots of thanks for exposing this highly secretive man called Apostle Charles Murenzi.

Lots of thanks for exposing this highly secretive man called Apostle Charles Murenzi.

I was a member of that Shining Light City Church pastored by Pastor Jolly for 6 years until recently, when we discovered that Murenzi was not a man of God we had thought to be.

Pastor Jolly lost her first husband way back in 1998. She passed through a difficult time until when she met Murenzi thinking that he would bring her hope.

When Murenzi married Jolly, that church started having serious problems. The church has split like 6 times.

Members started coming and going away to other churches. Little did we know what was going on as the girls were afraid to testify?

I would like to bring it your attention that whatever you have written about Murenzi is 100% correct.

Those girls are not telling lies.

Those girls are born again girls. They cannot come and concoct stories against Murenzi.

Those girls were molested.

Murenzi calls himself sajjalyayezu but he is sajjalyasitani (agent of Satan).

Murenzi forcibly removed girls’ knickers and inserted his large thing into the girls’ small private parts.

He offered money to conceal his evil.

Murenzi would invite girls to his home while his wife was away so that they prepare his bed and he would convince them to stay for the night.

This is not acceptable, justice must prevail.

The girls came to Murenzi expecting him to act or behave as a father not as a sex monger.

The girls healing can only come when they get justice which is all they want.

Another mistake Murenzi made was to cause the arrest of Harriet Namusoke and fabricating charges of child trafficking against her.

The pastor should have called the girl and asked her for an explanation about the whereabouts of his poorly cared for daughter.

Murenzi should never ever be left to serve in any church. My advice to innocent Pastor Jolly is to divorce that evil monster as her ministry is now in Jeopardy.

Murenzi’s marriage to Pastor Jolly was Satan’s way of destroying that church. Many parents and children are crying all because of that evil monster.

I had to leave the church when I myself interviewed so many girls and got enough proof of rape.
God bless you

Former Shining Light City Church Member

Name withheld on request

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