Upcountry Opinions: Murenzi, do the right thing, resign

A Widening sex scandal over Pastor Charles Murenzi has shaken the foundations of Shining Light of the Church.

A Widening sex scandal over Pastor Charles Murenzi has shaken the foundations of Shining Light of the Church.

The foundation of the Shining Light in Gakingiro has been rocked by a widening controversy over the sexual abuse of children by its priest, and of the systemic pattern of cover-ups and protection by their superiors.

It is this type of scandal, many believe, that can finally bring the Church in Rwanda to its knees.

The scandal has been sparked by a young woman known as Umutoni (name changed) who says that, in 2004, the Pastor Charles Murenzi sexually harassed her when his wife was away.

The case is currently before the police.

The media has been covering the sex scandal which embroiled the pastor Charles Murenzi.

Beofre the situation gets too out of hand, it might be best for the Pastor to finally resign.

My personal advice as a Christian is that it is better to tender your resignation.

I know what am about say may hurt the church pastors on the side of the accused pastor especially Pastor Murenzi but its advisable to first resign and first be cleared by the national umbrella of born-again churches .

The scandal has left many asking why the pastor has kept quiet together with his wife.

Though the church has been attacked, I am confident it will clean up its business and do the right thing.

Everyone understands it is a trying moment for the leadership of Light Shining church, but something must be done.

The sin of one pastor gains his own attention, but he is not alone. Be aware there are countless men and women around you living in secret sexual immorality.

Don’t think of one significant leader; think about a plague of sexual sin running throughout the Evangelical church in Rwanda, which just passes without notice?

We must not linger too long on the question: How could such a gifted leader fall into sexual immorality?

Think about all the others sitting in the pew next to you who have done the same.

Think about elders/pastors in your church engaged in a leading the congregation one evening and later that same evening clicking on pornography.

Now we are getting the right perspective.


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