Deliver us from tribalism

Just yesterday I was on the phone with a friend and after exhausting all the gossip, she told me she met a man. 

Just yesterday I was on the phone with a friend and after exhausting all the gossip, she told me she met a man. 

According to her, his skills in the sack were of a tantric god. She went on to vividly describe certain things about their sex life but I am afraid I cannot repeat those things here lest I make some people uneasy. 


Now, as a little girl I loved the Cinderella story, I loved it even more as an adult. I mean the beauty lost her shinny shoe and her prince went in search for the right foot, how awesome is that? 


While this chick narrated the story of her and the tantric god, all I thought about was Cinderella. She was Cinderella and the guy was the prince in this story or at least that is what she made it seem like, but there was one problem, she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. But she couldn’t. He is from the ‘wrong’ tribe!


At the mention of wrong tribe, instead of worrying me, she sent me in a fit of uncontrollable laughter; I mean do we still worry about wrong tribes? 

Of course after recovering I asked myself the same question you are all asking yourselves, what is the wrong tribe? How do you know what a right and wrong tribe is? Is the society in which we live so static? On inquiring from her how a tribe can be an issue, she went on to describe to me some dude she dated and experienced what she called ‘culture shock’.  She then swore she would only get married to a man from her own tribe.

Apparently some tribes have extra large noses and others are extraordinarily dark skinned. My pal wanted to start a family and she was worried about her kid’s looks. 

Save for the fact that she acknowledged that the sex was good, the guy was hardworking and could literally worship the ground on which she walked, everything was perfect - except his tribe.

Ladies, I will tell you exactly what I told her, tribes and good looks do not put food on the table, these trivial things that bring an end to your happiness must be overlooked if you love someone. What is the point of a disrespectful man from the ‘right’ tribe that looks like a replica of Johnny Depp? 

Putting things like tribe, religion, looks et cetera should be left to teenagers who still have a long life ahead of them, if you are not a teenager, love should be first priority and your only concern. Enough said!

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