His style is all about God, music and tattoos

His birth names are Wallace Ngige, but it is the stage and business name -DJ Afshon that is synonymous with many things on the Kigali entertainment and showbiz circuit.

His birth names are Wallace Ngige, but it is the stage and business name -DJ Afshon that is synonymous with many things on the Kigali entertainment and showbiz circuit.

Not only does Afshon produce and host East Africa Connect, a hit music show on TV10, he also brings you Club 10, an urban music show on both TV10 (video mixing), and Radio 10 (audio mixing).


That’s not all. His name also commands its fair share of respect on the Kigali DJ and party scene, disc-spinning having been one of his first childhood fantasies.


Afshon is also well-known for another thing; his extravagant display of tattoos on his body. Literally, the entire lengths of both his arms are covered in tattoos.


“My style is all about God and music. Those who have had a chance to see my tattoos up close can notice the musical instruments and notes. I used to operate a tattoo parlor business in Nairobi and that’s how I got some of my tattoos. I always want to be an example and I feel comfortable advocating for something that I like.”

Afshon’s life basically revolves around TV, radio, and the nightlife, and all because of one thing –music. Not only has it been his life-long passion to be a professional jockey, playing music has also paid his bills almost all his working life.

“Since early in life, I have always been interested in music. At first I only listened to it, while my passion was in business. Even though I still regularly try my hand at other businesses, my core business currently is music, and being able to make a living out of it is something I love and I am happy doing.”

“Also all of the people around me have helped shape my life in one way or another. Milestone events through my life have also contributed to who I am. Operating the DJ Academy business got me started in this profession. My Radio show on Radio10 (Rwanda), and SAA Radio in Swaziland as well as performances in various venues within East Africa have greatly prepared me to do what I do today.”

Due to the nature of his job, he is ever on the road, shuffling between gigs to make ends meet.

“I travel a lot and every time I am in Rwanda, I feel at home. I love my Rwandan fans and appreciate their support. I know it is only their support that keeps me doing what I do. I have had the opportunity to perform at various events within the region in the past. I’m looking forward to more big events in 2014 within East Africa. I have had endorsements from time to time from major companies.”

I ask him how he likes being on TV, and if this has brought any changes to his life:

“Being on TV and having my shows on TV is a dream come true. When I first set out to be a DJ, my main aim was to do it big.  It is my pleasure to have the opportunity to be part of Radio10 and TV10, the pioneer private radio and TV stations in Rwanda. One thing that always I try to do through my shows is to make sure that Rwandan music and culture is well represented not only in Rwanda but also within the region upholding the motto of ‘Simply Rwandaful.’

Immediately, he follows this with a word of caution directed at aspiring DJs out there: “A lot of people think it’s easy, but the time spent organising the music and playing it in an entertaining and captivating way is not easy. A lot of people have different expectations that cannot all be met. It’s my work to ensure all my fans and the people behind my shows feel included.”

I ask him if we can talk about girls, and when he agrees to open up, he talks about his ideal woman: “I look at various things while considering a girl to be in a relationship with. Even though physically I prefer attractive girls with a nice figure, I still look for a girl who is intelligent, sweet, open-minded and understands me and the requirements of the industry I am in. And yes, I am currently not in a relationship. I can attribute this to my constant travel. But this doesn’t mean I am a player.”

Within East Africa, where would he rather have a girlfriend from?

“I would love to date a Rwandan girl but since the heart chooses what it wants I’m open to finding one from any of the other countries or even beyond.”

What does 2014 hold in store for his fans?

“This year my fans should expect a lot of new stuff on all the platforms. The newly revamped East Africa Connect will be hitting the screens soon with more interactivity and greater variety of music from the regional countries of Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Burundi, Tanzania and South Sudan. Afshon Live and Club10 will maintain their role of informing you of what’s happening on the party scene and where you can catch them as well as provide alternative entertainment for your house parties.”

Fact file in his own words:

In the year 2009 I was part of one of the biggest DJ academy which I pioneered with one of the top DJs in Kenya before having to move on to what I’m doing now but that’s where I learnt the art of dee jay-ing and branding from my biggest mentors and trainers; Dj Creme de la Creme and DJ Touch, both very big DJs in Kenya in both the gospel and the secular industry. 

I have a show called Club10 both on Radio 10 (audio mixing), and TV 10 (video mixing). Club 10 on radio airs every Friday from 9:00pm to 11:00pm, and Club10on TV airs from 10:00pm to midnight every Friday. I started Club 10 on radio in December 2011, and Club 10 on TV started about two months ago. 

In the first 5 months of 2013 I had a daily radio show in Swaziland that used to air everyday from 4:00pm to 5:00pm on SBIS2, but I later got into many commitments and projects and couldn’t continue with it. 

I have a lot of tattoos, my left hand is fully covered and on the right hand I have four tattoos. My right hand tattoos are religious (two angels; one praying hand/rosary, and my name Afshon and my left hand has a tribal musical tattoo, music notes and musical instruments but you can’t see them unless I explain them to you. They are very artistic. I try to balance between religion and the art that I am in; they are always a reminder of what I do and how I got to where I am. That’s through music and God. 

I have played in a couple of events though most of the events that I do are private parties and media related, most of the club events and parties that I do are in Kenya. I also spent the whole summer of 2013 in Burundi working at the biggest club there after its launch and this year am scheduled to do a couple of tours with Ace Cards entertainment in Dubai, South Africa and lastly most parts of Kenya. I have also done a couple of events in South Africa and if all goes well I might also be hitting some parts of Zimbabwe. 

My membership to Ace entertainment is something I treasure as an artist. I have had endorsements from time to time from major companies.

I came up with the name Afshon close to eight years ago. The first two letters are the most important because they stand for Africa and the African dream that I believe in and stand for, the last four represent more of style or trend.

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