It’s cook, dine experience at Mosaic Gourmet

It is located in a residential structure in Kimihurura, at the junction between Papyrus Restaurant and the Mamba Club.

It is located in a residential structure in Kimihurura, at the junction between Papyrus Restaurant and the Mamba Club.

The interior décor and furniture come across as more functional than fancy, and indeed, standing in front of the building, one will hardly feel the urge to pull out their camera.


It is basically a mid range Asian fusion eatery, set to a Rwandan backdrop, a fact that may have something to do with the owners—a Rwandan/Asian couple.


The only visible sign of Asia is to be gleaned from the neat portraits depicting the different Asian dishes on offer, such that one may not actually need the menu book to make their pick.


Mosaic Gourmet is big on sea food such as garlic prawn, grilled fish captain, grilled salmon, the stir fry prawn, and grilled king prawn.

They do meats as well—Japanese Yakiniku style, basically the Japanese equivalent of Mongolian cooking style where diners help themselves to servings of raw meat, then hand it to the chef to prepare it on sight.

In Yakiniku, thinly sliced pieces of meat and vegetables are stir fried on a table grill, and served family style. It is a fanciful dining experience, in that guests at a table share platters of the food, and are actually free to take their turns to do the cooking.

The easy-to-follow steps are actually printed in the menu book, in English and Kinyarwanda;

Pre-heat your grill (Gucanira ishyiga) …

Put the meat in the grill (shyira inyama ku ishyiga) …etc.

Otherwise, the kitchen staff is always ready to do it for you. Anything from beef, pork, chicken, and shellfish can be prepared on this table grill, while some people prefer to introduce into the mix some vegetables like green pepper and egg plant as well as mushrooms.

The whole idea behind Yakini is to introduce a less formal, group-oriented dining experience, and the good thing is that, because of its communal nature, a standard meal can be shared by quite a few people. The only problem with it is that there is the real danger of over eating, seeing as the food keeps coming in bits from the table grill.

Meats aside, they cater to the vegetarian, with a choice between vegetable fritters, stir-fry vegetables, broccoli, and tofu.

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