Pin your behind to the chair and work!

What is it with this babe’s inconsistency? I bet some of you will wonder. 
Alinda Munanura
Alinda Munanura

What is it with this babe’s inconsistency? I bet some of you will wonder. 

Well, do not tire yourself with this question again because today I have come with all the answers but I will not go into explaining my irregularities because I hate being used as an example therefore I will talk about people unfortunate enough to share my lazy habit.


  I, together with most people my age, am a millennial kid and I would be telling lies if I said that it has nothing to do with the way we think or behave. You see, some of us believe that we should be rewarded for just waking up in the morning. 


  I would like to sit and get paid for doing absolutely nothing but again I’m clever enough to know that it is impossible, but wait, since I am a pretty girl (well at least I’d like to think so) it might not be entirely impossible. However, I cannot say the same for the 33-year-old man I had a conversation with over the weekend. 


  This excuse of a man graduated about 10 years ago and he still lives with his parents. Now some of you might condone this kind of thing because you are doing the same thing but that is not the most disappointing thing. He has no job.

  When asked how he survives, this silly man had no shame in telling me that his parents provide him with everything from his underwear to a car to even fuel. 

I was concerned and really wanted to find out why I am more organised than a 33-year-old man (because truthfully, am not the most organised of people). Apparently he was offered a job that was paying quite well just after he had graduated but that was not good enough for the loser, he wanted three million per month. Oh dear!

  At this point I was speechless and I angrily walked out. 

Well you might think this is just one single case of a lumpen that was badly brought up but that is not the case. 

There are so many lazy folks out there that think very irrationally and when things backfire they get involved in nonsensical talk of the economy. 

The ‘economy is bad,’ they say! Grow up why don’t ya? You can’t keep coming up with such lame excuses because frankly, complaining ain’t going to get you anywhere. Do yourself a favour, stop being lazy, get up and work! 

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