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Two things amaze me in this world; a broke person who never gives shopping a break and a rich person who never pays his bills. One way or the other, both are in for a long future of headaches.

Two things amaze me in this world; a broke person who never gives shopping a break and a rich person who never pays his bills. One way or the other, both are in for a long future of headaches.

It has been advocated since the birth of Christ that everyone must live within their means if they are to go through this world stress-free. And yet, somehow, this golden rule is usually discarded off like a used toilet paper.

It is shocking and disappointing to see that Rayon Sports, last season’s league champions, can afford to buy extra players at the tune of millions of francs, but can’t afford to pay the salaries of the existing staff.

At first I thought it was a joke… then after reading about it in the papers, I realised I wasn’t dreaming.

Apparently, French coach Didier Gomes da Rosa could not take it anymore. He quit when Rayon Sports could not pay him for up to three months, to the tune of Rwf6 million.

By quitting, Gomes, who helped Rwanda’s most popular football club to win the national league title last year, their first in eight odd years, put another nail in the  coffin of the Nyanza-based outfit.

His work with Rayon had been superb and yet for the management of the club, they prioritized adding to the squad than maintaining a coach, who brought them success after a long drought.

Gomes had brought about an envious consistence to Rayon and an attacking style that opponents dreaded. It beats all sorts of understanding why the management didn’t make his services a priority.

It would have been a coincidence perhaps, but Rayon has faced similar embarrassing situations in the past. Late last year, two of their top players absconded from the club citing unpaid salaries.

It appeared that these players were probably a tad undisciplined by deserting the club when it needed them the most – but now it’s the coach! He is out for the same reason – lightening can’t hit the same place twice.

As outsiders, we may not know what goes on behind the curtains. Perhaps there were more grave disagreements, but one thing is certain– it is wiser to first pay existing staff before recruiting new ones, it is simple logic.

It is actually very disrespectful for the existing staff for the club management to sign new staff before making sure the people that have made the team what it is are comfortable and motivated to do even more.

Gomes and his army had fought so hard for Rayon Sports to be in the position they are in now as league defending champions and currently lying second to APR, with only two points separating them at the halfway mark in the season.

With all these serious off-pitch distress, it would not be surprising if Rayon can actually remain in the title race, especially with the more stable sides like AS Kigali and Police breathing fire just below them in the table.

Unfortunately for Rwandan football, that this Rayon issue and coaches or player leaving over unpaid arrears is a common phenomenon over the years.

It’s not just Rayon Sports, several other local clubs find it hard to pay their staff on time and yet, they somehow manage to get money whenever they want to bolster the squad with new talent.

But one thing these clubs ought to understand is that; for the future of every successful sports club, not just in football, credible financial management is just as good as three points picked for a win.

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