Does the price of an engagement ring measure love? (It’s a symbol of love)

I would really want to meet the woman not bothered by the value of her engagement ring.
Doreen Umutesi
Doreen Umutesi

I would really want to meet the woman not bothered by the value of her engagement ring.

An engagement ring is something a woman looks at everyday and it reminds her of the love and commitment that her spouse has, leaving her reassured.  But if it’s some cheap metal that fades with just a hand wash, what will she look at from time to time and smile when the guy is away for a long time? An engagement ring, just like the actual wedding ring, is supposed to be a symbol of love, and love is valuable. So they too should be valuable.

I do not want to sound materialistic but diamonds are a girl’s best friend and I think every girl would want an engagement ring with a diamond or two in it – preferably one that doesn’t need a microscope! So as a man, if you are going to go down on one knee, my dear brother, let the ring be the one – just like the girl you are proposing to.

Of course I’m not suggesting that a guy should go and buy a very big engagement ring like the one Kanye West bought for Kim Kardashian which cost $5 million. Buy her a ring she will floss around with and feel great about.

A question on titled “Why do women want a big engagement ring?” stated that women only want a big diamond so that she can show it off to her friends and also, it somehow proves how much he loves her.

One of the respondents to the question answered that: “Admittedly I want a ring. I don’t have a price tag attached, or what it looks like. But I’d like my guy to approach it the way “itchy” did. What is affordable and take the time to really choose or design something that is special. Don’t go into debt, do both what you are comfortable with and inspired by. But yeah I would want a ring and a heartfelt proposal.”

So my dear brothers who believe that you can go to any shop or street vendor to buy an engagement ring of probably Rwf1, 500 and then propose, it’s better not to tell her where or how much you bought it after she says yes and looks every bit ready to spend the rest of her life with you because she could take back that ‘yes’ if she finds out it is a very cheap ring.

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