It’s Christmas; spend or go easy?

Why should you ‘rob a bank’ for just one day? I don’t see why one should spend all their savings of the year just to celebrate Christmas. 

Why waste money on just one day!
- By Doreen Umutesi

Why should you ‘rob a bank’ for just one day? I don’t see why one should spend all their savings of the year just to celebrate Christmas. 


I remember when I was 10-years-old, on Christmas that year, I asked my father why Christmas was special and was not just like any other day, besides the feasting. My father explained to me that we celebrate the birth of Jesus.


But as we celebrate the birth of Jesus, it does not mean that you have to spend even the little you have because you will have nothing tomorrow.


There was a man who on the eve of Christmas had looked for money to buy food for his family to feast on Christmas day. But he failed to get the money. He had only Rwf1000 and it could only buy Irish potatoes and greens. He became so frustrated that his wife and his two sons were not going to feast. Did this man have to go and steal or borrow money because he wanted his family to have meat on Christmas?

We can celebrate Christmas with the little we have and be mindful that it’s just one day.

In her article “5 Ways to Have a Rich Christmas Without Spending More”,  Courtney Carver advised that if you’re feeling the pressure to spend in order to make your family happy, there are ideas that will help take the pressure off. 

The article further advised to turn off your TV. It’s the season of advertising. Instead of letting these ads make you feel inadequate, choose to ignore their message. Put the TV on mute during commercial breaks or stop watching it altogether. Rent your favourite Christmas flicks from the video store or on Netflix. Read meaningful stories to get your next year in a positive direction and leave the sales flyers to someone else. 

Courtney says that instead of over spending, we should let others enjoy Christmas. This year, look into the multiple ways to give back during the season. Serve a meal at a homeless shelter or make Christmas cookies and visit probablya  nursing home and sing to the people there Christmas carols, thus brightening their day. 

Therefore, before you think of emptying the supermarket this Christmas, think of passing on the spirit of Christmas and share with other people, especially those in need.


Spend!  It’s Christmas! 
- By Patrick Buchana

I mean, you’ve been working the whole year; it’s time to get together with family in the village (at least in my family that is how it goes). 

I mean, do you really want to keep your money to yourself when everyone else is pulling out dimes? How will you explain to your grandmother or parents that you have been working all this time but you can’t part with a dime?

Knowing that you have to spend during the festive season builds the culture of saving because one isn’t going to spend their whole month’s salary in just a week or two. 

Any wise person, which I believe you all are, will save and spend from the savings. 

When I say people should spend, I don’t mean they should exaggerate and use millions or borrow what they can’t pay back.

I am saying that the Christmas budget shouldn’t be as small as the daily family budget, pull out a bigger bundle, celebrate, buy some Christmas gifts for family and go somewhere you haven’t gone before or eat food that isn’t what you normally eat. 

Most people get leave during this season; okay if you work in a hospital, newsroom or are a taxi operator then I am sorry but normally people have their leave rolled out. 

What better time to gush out money than the time when you don’t have to worry about that early morning call from your boss? 

The festive season is a time when families spend a week or two together. Would you rather spend it alone or with the ones you love? 

Its common sense that if you don’t unleash those notes during this time then you are either naturally mean or you will never spend on happiness. 

All in all, it’s wise to spend what you have, if you don’t have then leave the spending to others or join a group of people who have money. 

Christmas is a happy time and it’s just ridiculous to keep your money safely glued in your pocket, especially when you are around loved ones. Do not be the one they will whisper about – trust me – they too will wonder how you can find it fit to hide your money.

And finally the reason why I advise people to spend this Christmas is because in January you will get items at a cheaper price. People will sell their laptops, cars, phones and so on. 

So, not all is bad as you can see. You will spend, but you will gain too!

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