I hate people who...

I do not even think this space is enough for me to express how disgusted I am that a pretender was used as a sign language translator at the Nelson Mandela funeral.    

…hire impersonators to do crucial jobs at big functions. I do not even think this space is enough for me to express how disgusted I am that a pretender was used as a sign language translator at the Nelson Mandela funeral.    

The joker even went ahead to claim that he was not fake but that during the process of translating he saw angels coming into the stadium. Where did they get this piece of a joke from? Can you imagine that this fake sign language translator was standing just a few feet away from world leaders pretending to be doing his job yet he was just throwing karate finger moves?


 …confuse Nelson Mandela with superman. The last few days and for more days to come we shall hear a lot about the late Nelson Mandela, South African anti-apartheid hero and first black president. While people around the world were heaping praises on the old man for his exemplary life, some were trying with little success to downplay the legacy of Mandela.


These negativists were busy talking about all the things that Mandela did not do as if he was superman. Mandela was just human like you, if you think he did not do certain things, what is stopping you from doing those things yourself? And where did Mandela sign that he would solve every single problem that South Africa faced or faces? 


    …invite almost everyone to their wedding meetings. I still do not understand why people think that everyone should attend their wedding meeting. I thought that the meeting should be for those planning the wedding while the rest can continue with their lives until the day of the wedding.

Why not send me the budget and I send you my contribution then we meet on your day. Do I have to sit in the meetings to listen to people discussing what kind of food should be eaten or which shirts should be worn? Will you call me after the wedding to discuss what you will eat for supper?

Some of these people need to value our time as well. 

…insist on being the extra person in the elevator. I really wish there was a way we could inject patience into some people. Actually a combination of patience and common sense is what people need. I am talking about those people who always insist on squeezing themselves in what is clearly a full elevator. There is nothing wrong with waiting a little longer.

The other day there was this foolish guy who insisted on squeezing himself in the elevator that was clearly full. We ended up stuck because the doors of the lift could not shut since his cheap laptop bag was outside!

…say that dead people are in a better place. I hear this quite a lot. Someone dies and people start talking about how he is in a better place. I surely do not know whether their problem is a language problem or one of perception. Because better is a comparative word. So when you say the dead person is in a better place have you had the chance to compare the two places to see which one is better?

And if you really think he is in a better place, how come you are still here and not willing to join him/her in that better place? Let us stick to what we know please. Let the dead rest in peace. There is no point in pretending we know where they have gone. 

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