Weekend Proggie

Finally the long awaited December holiday is here. The first weekend will give a glimpse of what the entire holiday month will hold. A range of activities from football to art jams to live bands to an album launch wait ahead.

Album launch

Tomorrow at Lemigo Hotel, Kamichi will launch his third album Mudakumirwa. The show starts at 6pm and the party will go on till midnight. There will be guest performances by Amag the Black, Bruce Melody and Danny.

The nights host will be MC Tino of KFM. Regular ticket charges will be at Rwf 5000 and VIP tickets at Rwf 10000.
Tomorrow Inema Art Center hosts an art jam to bring out your inner creativity. There will be canvas and paints at the studios for anyone who wishes to paint.

Kigali popular comedians Comedy knight will also be at the scene to crack ribs. There will be music and partying to usher people into the new month.

Painting starts at 5:30pm and Comedy Knights take the stage at 7:30pm.

Food and drinks will be supplied by Meze Fresh, a popular Mexican restaurant in town. Entrance is free.

Movie lovers have a choice between Thor 2, Gravity, Baggage Claim and Krrish 3. Tickets for 3D are at Rwf 4500 and 2D tickets are at 3500

Dance festivalFrom tonight till Sunday, Papyrus will host Nights of Tolerance, a contemporary dance festival that will highlight dances of East Africa and beyond. Last year’s festival provided seven nights of free

performances from seven countries. This year, they are back with three nights of dance, including contemporary dancers from Kenya, Uganda, DRC and Rwanda, hip hop dancers from DRC and the impressive female drummers of Ingoma Nshya. All performances start at 18:30 and last about an hour. Entrance is free.

Night clubs

For those who enjoy shaking off the long week’s stress go check out K-club for the weekly Hot Fridays@ K-club and ‘Tune-up’ On Saturdays they treat their party people to the amazing Caribbean and dancehall night.


you want a change there is a variety of clubs to try out some of which include; Club Nine at Hotel Hilltop, Club Next at Muhima, Santa Rosa at Alpha Palace in Remera, Golemi at Lemigo Hotel in Kimihurura, and Planet Club at KBC.


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