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Shaving the armpits frequently is one way to deal with bad body odour, which sometimes comes as a result of sweating too much. 

Shaving the armpits frequently is one way to deal with bad body odour, which sometimes comes as a result of sweating too much. 

Some women get a body odour so soul that others are forced to believe it is a disease yet all they need to do is shave the hair in their underarms. 


As a way of trying to solve the problem most young women tend to spray their armpits with exotic perfumes and deodorants which sometimes worsen the smell when they sweat. 


According to a article “How to Eliminate Body Odour”, don’t use antiperspirant/deodorant (except in cases of excessive sweating). It will actually end up making you smell worse than ever.


The article further states that underarm odour is caused by bacteria and their excrement. Soap and deodorant actually supply food for the bacteria and they excrete even more. This is easy to verify. Just wash your underarms with nothing but water 

Experts argue that armpit hairs can slow down sweat evaporation and trap oils and smells. But if you shave frequently and keep the armpit clean then there will be no bad body odour.

Dr. Brad Eilerman, of said that body odour is driven largely by the secretion of the apocrine glands which are metabolised by bacteria on the skin. Apocrine glands are hormonally responsive. Other than artificially blocking otherwise useful hormones, there is unlikely to be a permanent reduction in body odour.

The simple way of shaving the armpits is by splashing the area with water to soften the hair and skin, and then use a moisturising shaving gel or foam and then a blade. Do this at least every month.  

However, avoid using any deodorant immediately after shaving because it can irritate your skin since it’s still delicate and very painful after the shave. Try shaving your armpits at night when you will not need to apply deodorant. 



Strong or offensive body odour is an embarrassing problem that affects many, and being a sensitive topic, is not openly discussed. Although commercial chemicals and artificial-scent sprays may help to temporarily control body odour, they often don’t address the underlying cause. Discover some natural and highly effective approaches to treat this common problem.

Apply natural, aluminium free deodorants

Various herbal and crystal deodorants are marketed as all-natural and can effectively control your body odor. Remember that your armpits have an important health function in getting rid of toxins so it is important to keep them open and unclogged.

Wash regularly

Bathing at least once a day can help limit the bacteria population on your skin, which is the source of most body odors, according to the Mayo Clinic. When washing, focus on traditionally troublesome areas like your feet and armpits. Dry your body well after washing since bacteria grow best on damp skin.

Spritz with winegar

Vinegar is a natural antiseptic and can help kill bacteria and fungi on the skin’s surface, according to The Vinegar Institute. Spritzing white or apple cider vinegar on odorous areas, then wiping the area dry, can help to eliminate offensive smells.

Take green supplements

Add a wheat grass or chlorophyll supplement to your daily vitamin routine. Such supplements act as natural deodorizers and can help keep you smelling nice.

Wear clothing made from natural fibres

Only wear natural-fiber clothing like silk or cotton, recommends the Mayo Clinic. The clinic says such fabrics allow for greater breathability and air flow on the skin surface to keep your skin drier and drive away the humidity and moisture in which odor-causing bacteria thrive.

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