What really makes you a professional?

The fact is, in our society, people will encourage you to dress a certain way to prove your level of professionalism.

The fact is, in our society, people will encourage you to dress a certain way to prove your level of professionalism.

Personally I hate wearing heels and the new studies coming out proving that heels will cause more harm than good in the long-run simply justify my hate for them even more. I have always felt that they are simply not natural and won’t leave my legs in the best shape, so why invest in them when I can invest in great pairs of flats?


I respect women who can wear heels day in and day out, but I’m just not like that and I hate the fact that people have associated that with your level of professionalism.


A former man friend once told me that my work outfits would look even better if I added some heels. Not too high but some heels. Oh don’t worry he is alive today but the daggers I shot him with my eyes were enough to make him regret giving me his so-called fashion/professional advice.


The fact that in his mind he thought I would look even more professional by adding heels that cause harm to my whole lower body while he gets off just wearing a shirt and is set for a work day angered me a lot. Then in comes my mother. I love her so dearly but she clearly does not know me. She convinced me to buy a low pair of heels, and I did. But this woman actually believes I should wear them all the time.

Like I said, she really doesn’t know me or is quite delusional. I do not go to work looking like a scrub and I love all my nice and cute flats so why would heels make a difference?!

My problem is that for women, for some reason or the other, our talents are connected to superficial acts. For example, I was once told I would only be seen as older until I start to wear more make up. One, who says I want to look older than I am? And two, so you would rather let me ruin my skin just to look older or more attractive? Nope, I’m very okay with looking like I’m still in the early twenties.

Why are our looks connected to something? Why can’t my work speak for itself? Why do I have to prove I kick butt in the workspace by wearing heels and getting all made up for the day? Anyways, I know this won’t change since it is clearly pushed by both men and women but I just hope people do not feel pressured or let it affect their self-esteem when people say things like this. Let your work and talent speak for itself and if you feel like adding a bit of make up here and there to enhance your natural beauty, then go ahead but don’t let it define you.

What do my lovely 21st century women think? Do you need all these extras to prove your professionalism?

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