I hate people who...

Let me admit that I am not one to enjoy attending meetings. However, some people attend these meetings only to make them worse for those of us who are just trying to endure.

…only attend meetings to contribute slogans. Let me admit that I am not one to enjoy attending meetings. However, some people attend these meetings only to make them worse for those of us who are just trying to endure.

I am talking about those guys who loudly pretend to be speaking sense yet all they do is utter empty slogans. Yes those fools who will yell, “Guys we need to think outside the box.” They will even have time to ask stupid questions like, “So how to do we create a framework for empowerment to ensure that our objectives are met?” It does not matter whether it is just wedding planning meeting. 


…find the most senseless reason to call you. It is always good to receive phone calls from people, especially when they have something interesting or important to share. However, there is nothing as annoying as someone calling you with flimsy reasons.


You excuse yourself from a meeting to answer a call only for the person on the other side to say, “Man what’s up? I saw you this morning around the Parliament; I think you were heading to The New Times.” So was I supposed to be walking towards the moon? Others will even tell you how they were scrolling through their phone book and saw your name so they called. Why such fools are sold airtime in the first place continues to baffle me.


…still think it is cool to aim racist attack at black footballers. I am not a big football fan, but I think there is nothing more sickening than seeing a bunch of losers in the stadium making racist chants directed at black players. The guy on the pitch is enjoying himself and earning more than your whole clan, but you think it is cool to stand there and imitate monkeys. Seriously?

If in 2013 you still think that blacks should not be playing football then you need to restrict your stupidity to your household where your FIFA video game has only people of you colour.  

…drive or ride noisy cars and bikes respectively. Of course when we were younger we admired those who drove rally cars with all that noise and power. However, I do not see why an adult should find it cool to race around town with a very noisy car or bike on a weekday. We understand the bit of you having a very expensive car or bike with a strong engine.

But to be honest that noise is more of an announcement that the city has some kind of mobile stupidity going around on the streets. This noise pollution is nothing but juvenile behaviour that we clearly do not need in our town. Police and REMA should arrest such noisemakers.   

…continuously change the name of a company like it is a hobby. I am yet to see the benefits of these name changes but for now let me just hate this practice of changing the name of a company every after a few years. One moment it is Régies des Eaux then before you can get your French dictionary it has changed to Electrogaz and then just before you can find if they sell gas it changes to RECO & RWASCO.

Without knowing what each letter stands for we were taken to EWSA, a company that has turned some homes into discos with the way the lights go on and off. It has again changed to the Energy Holding Company and the Water and Sanitation Company. One day it may be nameless!

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