The criminal in the elevator

I was privileged to be part of the team chosen from my university to participate in a ‘hackathon’.

I was privileged to be part of the team chosen from my university to participate in a ‘hackathon’.

I was standing by the entrance of the elevator with one boy whom I hadn’t recognised due to lack of interest (I mean he’s a guy for Christ’s sake!). Then a lady came and stood by us as we waited but judging by her old face and size, she got exactly one brief look from me.

Luckily after about two minutes of waiting, the light above the entrance went off and the sound of the opening elevator was heard. We got in, the light went off and the elevator went up.

Having lived in town for a while, I knew that is what usually happens and it was fine as long as the elevator didn’t stop moving. The boy next to me started panicking; clear signs of someone who was brought up from the village.

I kept on wondering why this boy was actually scared; he breathed so heavily and loudly, someone in Nyabugogo could hear him.  I just wish there was light to see the look on his face. As if this wasn’t enough, the lady killed it.

She pulled out her phone, quickly dialed some number and said, “I am in a very dark elevator with two boys. I hope nothing happens to me.” Her voice was equally unattractive.

Who could even dare to do anything after that? The way she talked, you could think the elevator was going to heaven. It was just six floors and she was getting off on the fifth. When she called the person, I couldn’t even believe that someone could say such a thing.

I immediately burst into laughter and when the frightened boy heard how scared the lady was, he was relieved. When we got out of the elevator, I finally understood why the lady was scared. To be honest, this guy had a look so illegal; it could easily make up for two criminals. Of course I don’t look like one so when she talked of two boys, I understood why.

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