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Castrate the rapist!

That which makes men rape must go and whoever supports rape must also go!

That which makes men rape must go and whoever supports rape must also go!

So we have the likes of Ronald Kibuule blaming the act of being dehumanised through rape on our dress code and we also have the likes of Robert Mugabe saying rapists should be castrated. I personally think it is in order to uphold President Mugabe for those remarks because I couldn’t agree with him more. First of all, I want to know the criteria used to appoint ministers in a country like Uganda, and while they are at it can I also see their qualifications, short of that I shall forever question the education system that the likes of Kibuule went through.

But today I am not here to talk about Kibuule and his shallow opinion, I am here to say that I will dress however I choose and not because I am calling on men to rape me but because I want to. And I decide how I express my identity.

Now, tell me again why men think women dress so that they can be seen? Save for the machismo eating them up, I suggest you climb off that high horse!

Well, let me educate you about something. As a woman I will tell you that when I wear blood red lipstick and short dresses, it makes me feel good, and I do it because I like it and not because I want to be seen by men.

Anyway, do not let Kibuule’s misogynistic opinion get to you, because I am advocating for women to be given pepper sprays. Any man who is as daft as Kibuule and thinks he can get away with rape should be taught a lesson.  If a minister can say something like that, then women should carry guns, because clearly we have no hope in the government that has just given us out there for the rapist to have. Or shall we all dress in the ‘mushanana’ and reinforce the patriarchy dominance because that is what is expected of us?  If I choose to walk in a miniskirt or go to the beach in a bikini then excuse me, do not impose your so called ‘morality’ on me and yet contradict yourself by upholding rapists.  I apologise for saying this was not about Kibuule but as I continued to type it ended up being about him and his so called personal opinion which infact ceased to be personal when he included the police. And he being a figure of authority I am pretty sure the police listen to him, and again, if police listen to him, then
give women guns!

I implore every public figure out there to please do a bit of thinking before you go out making such irrational statements. As a public figure you inspire so many people that cannot do their own thinking and they take your word for gospel truth.

That said my humble opinion is if Kibuule still has some integrity and self-respect left in him he should have left that ministerial post like yesterday.

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