People never change, they wear a disguise!

The sun rays stabbed her tired red eyes like needles; she clearly hadn’t slept the whole night.

The sun rays stabbed her tired red eyes like needles; she clearly hadn’t slept the whole night.

Asked if she was okay, she aired out a hollow inaudible laugh and nodded her head. I entering to check on her husband; I thought a mini hurricane had paid them a visit.

The sitting room was a disaster, the silence of the house felt more like a graveyard. There was no sign that it was an actual home. There were broken cups and plates everywhere and doors hanging drunkenly by one hinge. For a couple that hadn’t been married even a year, how could things have gotten this bad?

It’s been said that “Men marry women with the hope they will never change. Women marry men with the hope they will change.” But guess what?  They both usually get disappointed. Why? Because life doesn’t work that way.

Dreams, wishes and fantasies fade after ‘I do’. People snap back into reality and so does an individual’s normal behaviour, which usually sighs in relief after along time of being held captive in the closet during the dating period. I believe we desperately need shrinks because some of us are tired of hearing friends’ stories like “my husband is not the man I married’ or ‘my wife changed from an angel to a villain’. Did someone come at night and swap your partner or something?

The rest of us are then magically transformed into marriage counselors. I know it’s the duty of a friend to be there for another and advise them accordingly but I don’t remember signing up as a shrink!

Shrinks are trained and paid to listen to whatever nonsense you have to tell them, for us, we are not. You had all the time in the world during courtship to get to know each other.

She knew the man she was dating was violent; she chose to go ahead and tie the knot. Now when he hits her like she is a dirty carpet she comes telling us how she married a monster? And what is that about disrespectful women? Dude, that is something you should have paid more attention to before you got married.

Take your time get to know the person you are going before discussing wedding venues. If they have some nasty habits, don’t marry them thinking the pastor /priest’s blessings will root them out and turn the sinner into a saint. You and I know that old habits die hard and sometimes, they don’t die at all!

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